Salt has slipped down the list of public food concerns, with sugar taking the top spot

‘Forgotten killer’ salt set for health agenda return

By Noli Dinkovski

Salt could return to the top of the health agenda after a survey found more than half of the UK population were unconcerned about how much they consumed, and only 14% knew that 6g was the recommended maximum daily amount.

Partington: an overall unhealthy diet and lack of exercise to blame

Heart failure link slammed by soft drinks boss

By Noli Dinkovski

The soft drinks sector has hit out at national media claims that a new study proves a clear link between sweetened drinks and an increased likelihood of heart failure in men.

The advertising watchdog criticised Kellogg for making misleading claims on its website

Kellogg sugar claims ‘misleading’ rules ASA

By Freddie Dawson

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has slammed Kellogg for making “misleading” claims on its Coco Pops website that sugar was unrelated to obesity or ill health.

Expert slams 'politicised' nutrition and salt science

Expert slams 'politicised' nutrition and salt science

By Rod Addy

Nutrition is being politicised, with food authorities bowing to pressure from minority interests and lobbyists in areas such as salt reduction at significant risk to consumer health, according to one expert.

Beyond the bunsen burner

Beyond the bunsen burner

By Sarah Britton

Ingredients suppliers get very excited about science but fail to look at the commercial side of business, according to a new functional foods...


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