Mark Lynas: 'The real Frankenstein’s monster was not GM science but our reaction to it'

‘I was wrong to trash GM’: author Mark Lynas

By Mike Stones

A former campaigner against genetic modification (GM) told the Oxford Farming Conference yesterday (January 3) he deeply regretted his part in the campaign that has denied millions safe and affordable food.

Food sellers have a role to promote GM: DEFRA boss. GM will be one topic under review in our free food science and technology webinar to be staged on January 24. See article for details

Food sellers have role to promote GM: DEFRA boss

By Mike Stones

Food sellers can help dispel myths about genetic modification (GM), Owen Paterson, secretary of state at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, told the 0xford Farming Conference yesterday (January 3).

Genes from Chinook salmon have been used to engineer the new, faster-growing fish

GM salmon step closer to US dinner plates

By Mike Stones

Genetically modified (GM) salmon moved a step closer to US, and possibly European, dinner plates last month with the publication of a favourable environmental assessment from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The UK risks becoming a 'food museum' if it listened to anti-GM campaigners and shunned GMO foods: FDF

Without GM, UK to become a ‘food museum’

By Rick Pendrous

The UK risks becoming a “food museum” if it fails to adopt new technologies such as genetically modified (GM) foods, the president of Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has warned.

Enzymes: processing aids or ingredients?

EU enzyme scrutiny could open up GM ‘can of worms’

By Paul Gander

Fresh efforts by the European Commission (EC) to clarify the status of food enzymes as ‘processing aids’ or ‘ingredients’ could reopen the vexed question of labelling genetically modified micro-organisms (GMMOs) in food, according to one regulatory expert.

Bill Gates' foundation is investing £6.3M in UK GM research

Bill Gates invests £6M in UK GM research

By John Wood and Mike Stones

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has given his support for genetic modification (GM) techniques with a £6.3M ($9.8m) grant for research led by the John Innes Centre in Norwich.

GM technology raises strong emotions but many believe now is the time to reconsider its use

Rejecting GM could boost food ingredient prices

By David Burrows

Food manufacturers and retailers will find it increasingly difficult to source GM-free ingredients at reasonable prices if Europe continues to reject the controversial technology.

EFSA confirmed that GM maize produced in 2010 had no negative effects on humans, animals and the environment

GM maize strain given EFSA all-clear

By Dan Colombini

No negative effects on human and animal health or the environment can be traced to a trial of genetically modified (GM) maize strain which produces insect toxin, according to research from the European Food Safety authority (EFSA).

Bill Gates thinks GM has a role to play in remedying world hunger. A growing number of young Britons appear to agree with him.

Positive GM survey backs Bill Gates' view

By Freddie Dawson and Mike Stones

A new survey reporting positive views about genetically modified (GM) foods, coupled with recent comments from billionaire philanthropist and IT guru Bill Gates reveal attitudes towards the controversial technology are changing, claims the Crop Protection...

Most scientists argue that GM is an essential tool

Wheat producers warned that GM is future

By Rick Pendrous

Wheat producers have been warned that, unless the world accepts genetic modification (GM), global production could suffer a similar fate to that of the US where the crop has been progressively replaced by GM maize and soya.

Europe's GM barrier is 'starving the poor’

Europe's GM barrier is 'starving the poor’

By Rick Pendrous

The EU is exacerbating poverty and starvation in the developing world via barriers against genetic modification (GM), says one of the UK’s leading scientists.

Former minister worried by GM ingredient revelations

Former minister worried by GM ingredient revelations

By Ben Bouckley

Michael Meacher MP says he worries that not enough research has been done on the long-term effects to human health of eating foods produced from animals fed GM soy, after it emerged that many such branded items may be on UK sale.


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