Food Safety Culture

Food safety culture tends to vary between companies, claim experts

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Food safety: why it’s all a state of mind

By Paul Gander

Is ‘food safety culture’ too fuzzy-edged a concept to be an important objective in its own right? Not at all, say the experts.

Failure of food handlers to wash their hands properly is a main way norovirus is spread

Food safety conference

Norovirus thrives on poor hand hygiene

By Rick Pendrous

Poor personal hygiene, and specifically the failure of food handlers to wash their hands properly, has been identified as one of the main sources for spreading norovirus – winter vomiting bug – in catering establishments, according to new research published...

Food factory workers ‘cutting corners’ risks safety


Workers ‘cutting corners’ threatens food safety

By Rick Pendrous

Pressure to meet tight production schedules is leading some food factory workers and the teams they work within to cut corners, putting food hygiene within those manufacturing sites in jeopardy, a new survey has revealed.


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