Financial Audit

Suppliers have compalined about the excessive burden of retailer hygiene audits

Reduce burden of hygiene audits

By Michelle Perrett

The burden of excessive retailer hygiene audits of their food and drink suppliers needs to be reduced, argues the head of the Provision Trade Federation (PTF).

Pyramid auditing can lead to 'another pointless, non-risk based audit': PTF

Pyramid auditing 'adds to manufacturers' costs'

By Michael Stones

Pyramid or cascade auditing – the practice of using third parties to conduct audits of food manufacturing premises – can result in needless expense, add to red tape and risks compromising the intellectual property (IP) of some businesses, warns the Provision...

Tesco is under investigation by the Serious Fraud office, the GCA and the FRC

Financial watchdog focuses on supplier relations

By Rick Pendrous

The complex relationships between retailers and their suppliers is to be investigated by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) over the coming year, it was announced in its 11th annual report published today (May 29).

'The UK supply chain system was audited to death': Prof Chris Elliott

Retailers step up unannounced audits to fight fraud

By Rod Addy

Supermarkets are shifting to unannounced audits of suppliers in efforts to make their supply chains watertight in the wake of the horsemeat scandal, according to professor Chris Elliott.

Standard audits are unlikely to detect fraud, said the British Retail Consortium

BRC audit not designed to pick up food fraud

By Rick Pendrous

Conventional third-party hygiene audits of suppliers are unlikely to pick up examples of food fraud – such as the horsemeat incidents exposed earlier this year – a leading audit scheme owner has said.

Retailers may spring surprise audits on suppliers

Retailers may spring surprise audits on suppliers

By Freddie Dawson and Ben Bouckley

Version 6 of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard for Food Safety could lead to more unannounced audits being forced on manufacturers, according to a third-party certification body.

Will the BRC's new Global Standard steal centre stage?

Will the BRC's new Global Standard steal centre stage?

By Ben Bouckley

The BRC claims its new Global Standard for Food Safety will prioritise auditor training and time on the factory floor, but one technical manager has dismissed it as a "complete sideshow", as large food manufacturers struggle with more thorough...

Too many food safety audits spoil the broth

Too many food safety audits spoil the broth

By Elaine Watson

As the BRC starts work on version six of its Global Food Safety Standard, leading UK own-label manufacturers have continued to question its relevance as the supermarkets have carried on – and in many cases stepped up – their own auditing activities with...

Mash Direct has been awarded an A* after unannounced BRC audits two years in a row

Are unannounced BRC audits a 'complete waste of time?'

By Elaine Watson

Less than 70 sites out of 12,000+ food production facilities audited to version five of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Food Safety Standard have opted for unannounced audits, has learned.

Red Tractor

FSA probes third-party assurance schemes

By Elaine Watson

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched a probe into third-party assurance schemes such as the Red Tractor and Lion Eggs standard in a bid to understand the extent to which they improve compliance with food legislation.


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