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Weetabix reduces its motor failures

Weetabix reduces its motor failures

Weetabix has saved thousands of pounds in maintenance costs by eliminating motor failures at its factory in Corby, following the installation of Marlin stainless steel AC motors from Lafert. These replaced conventional motors on its breakfast cereal extruders.

Plan for energy efficiency

Plan for energy efficiency

An energy efficiency and productivity improvement plan, aimed at providing support for enhancing the performance of motor-driven applications using variable-speed drives (VSDs) and high efficiency electric motors, has been launched by ABB.

Weetabix's new motors are less prone to dust and water contamination

Weetabix cuts costs with more efficient motors

By Rod Addy

Weetabix has saved thousands of pounds by replacing motors on the breakfast cereal extruders at the Corby factory that makes products such as Weetos and Crunchy Bran.

Salad firm makes 'substantial' energy savings

Salad grower slashes energy by 50%

Salad grower and packer Glinwell has reported “substantial” energy savings by upgrading its existing compressed air supply to Atlas Copco GA 15 FF VSD+ compressor

Fish processor invests in new slicing line

Fish processor enjoys next generation drum motor

Fish processor Meralliance is using the new Interroll synchronous drum motor in its new smoked salmon slicing line. The line incorporates AB Process slicing machines with PU belt conveyors driven by synchronous drum motors to provide sequential transport...

Food businesses are failing to cut as much energy as they could do, says Ritchie

Food and drink firms miss energy savings

By Laurence Gibbons

Food and drink manufacturers fail to properly use existing equipment to save energy in production and as a result are looking in the wrong places to cut costs.

npower estimates the average firm spends £180,000 a year on energy

Lack of energy expertise is a costly business

By Rick Pendrous

Medium-sized food and drink manufacturing firms are losing out on energy savings because of a lack of expertise, according to a report from energy supplier npower.

Cut reaction

Cut reaction

By Paul Gander

Many companies already feel they've taken action to cut sky-high energy bills. But where might investment make further savings?