Mutagenesis – or gene editing – can occur both naturally and artificially

Exempt gene editing from GMO rules

By Noli Dinkovski

Gene-edited crop production could be set to become more widespread after a leading EU lawyer claimed the technique should be exempt from genetic modification organism (GMO) rules.

RSSL: Areas of expertise in authenticity include species identification of meat, dairy and fish

RSSL gains food authenticity testing recognition

By Noli Dinkovski

Reading Scientific Services (RSSL) has been recognised as a centre of expertise in food authenticity testing by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

'Genomics can bring an opportunity to unlock a lot of insights'

Genomics set to change the future of food safety

By Rick Pendrous

Scientific advances in the use of genomics – the study of DNA within organisms and application of DNA sequencing – has been agreed as the top of five strategic priorities for action identified by the committee which advises the Food Standards Agency (FSA)...

Meat fraud detection referenced

Meat fraud detection referenced

Six new meat mixture reference materials have been developed by scientists at LGC, formerly Laboratory of the Government Chemist, to help protect consumers from food fraud. The meat mixtures will enable food testing laboratories to assess the quality...

Biofortification of crops and DNA sequencing will be two of the biggest trends in 2015

DNA sequencing and biofortification the big trends for 2015

By Laurence Gibbons

DNA sequencing and biofortification of food will create the biggest opportunities for food businesses to respond to pressure to operate more sustainably in 2015, according to the UK’s innovation agency Innovate UK.

High levels of arsenic have been reported in rice-growing regions

Arsenic in rice causes genetic damage

By Gary Scattergood

High levels of arsenic in rice have been shown to be associated with elevated genetic damage in humans, a new study has found.

Food firms may have to report levels of cross contamination between species well below the 1% threshold used in the horsemeat scandal

Meat contamination rules to be tougher

By Gary Scattergood

Food firms will probably have to report levels of cross contamination between species well below the 1% threshold used in the horsemeat scandal under new guidelines being prepared by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the...

Dr Nigel Belshaw examined the cell lining of the gut walls from volunteers

Diet linked to age-related gene changes and cancer

By Gary Scattergood

New research shows that dietary factors affect age-related changes to our genes – known as epigenetic markers – that have been associated with the development of bowel cancer.

DNA sequencing has become more attractive as the price has fallen

Food industry identified as bioinformatics boom

By Gary Scattergood

The falling cost of DNA sequencing is leading more companies to invest in bioinformatic studies – which analyse genetic information – to aid research and development

Food manufacturers warned of GMO rice fraud

Food manufacturers warned of GMO rice fraud

By Dan Colombini

Food manufacturers are being warned of a possible food fraud surrounding the production of imported basmati rice which could be intentionally contaminated with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Government boosts DNA testing to fight rising fraud

Government boosts DNA testing to fight rising fraud

By Rod Addy

Increasingly frequent food fraud incidents and urgent demand for allergen and genetically modified ingredient testing have spurred on a government initiative to boost the robustness of DNA sequence testing for food

White coat warriors

White coat warriors

By John Dunn

Contract food testing laboratories are battling hard to keep up with demand for faster, more accurate tests. John Dunn reports on their investment in emerging technologies and new equipment

DNA diets... nutrition gets personal

DNA diets... nutrition gets personal

By Elaine Watson

As long as it keeps the Daily Mail on side, the food industry could make big bucks out of nutrigenomics, says Elaine Watson


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