Dairy Farming

Milk prices have been falling

Arla and First Milk unveil price drops from March

By Michelle Perrett

Milk prices continue to fall, with First Milk and Arla unveiling reductions from March and the National Farmers Union (NFU) pressing Arla to work with farmers to mitigate price cuts.

A vegan ad critical of the dairy industry has been given the OK by the ASA

Vegan ‘inhumane’ milk ad passed by watchdog

By James Ridler

An advert that criticised dairy practices as ‘inhumane’ has escaped being banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), despite complaints from workers in the dairy industry. 

Milk price rises for Müller, Arla Foods and First Milk

Milk price rises continue for dairy companies

By Matt Atherton

Dairy processor Müller has announced a two pence per litre (2ppl) rise to its milk from December 1, to 22.95ppl, after both Arla Foods amba and First Milk announced similar price rises for November.

Müller raised its milk prices by 1.5ppl

Müller confirms milk price rise of 1.5ppl

By Matt Atherton

Dairy processor Müller has announced a 1.5ppl rise to its milk prices from November 1, up to 20.95ppl, after news emerged that there will be 40% fewer dairy farms in Western Europe within 10 years.

The UK government should provide more support for dairy farmers

UK government must follow the French with dairy support

By Laurence Gibbons

The UK government should provide dairy farmers with similar support and financial backing given by its French counterpart to help secure sustainable milk supplies and fight against the “bleak future” it faces, according to the National Farmers Union (NFU).

Despite desperately low milk prices now, producers remain optimistic

Dairy farmers see a positive future

By Rick Pendrous

Britain's dairy producers are optimistic about their prospects for the future, despite the pain now being suffered by low milk prices, a survey of the sector has revealed.

Dairy Crest has cut March milk prices, but put the brakes on furthers cuts for now


Dairy Crest avoids milk price cut

By Rod Addy

Dairy processors have halted milk price cuts for the time being, as the market struggles to right itself.

Grocery code adjudicator Christine Tacon

PM: empower groceries code adjudicator

By Rod Addy

Groceries code adjudicator (GCA) Christine Tacon should be able to enforce her decisions with fines and have her remit extended, according to Prime Minister David Cameron.

Farmers have faced increasing pressure as prices paid for their milk have plummeted


Dairy storm intensifies as protests loom

By Rod Addy

The dairy supply chain storm has intensified, with Müller appealing for planned protests over milk price cuts to be called off, while the dairy industry code faces increasing scrutiny.

Campaigners are fighting dairy industry plans for expanding output

Welfare groups fight mega-dairy plans

By Nicholas Robinson

Compassion in World Farming (CiWF) chief executive Philip Lymbery has slammed UK dairy industry plans to drive up milk production to reduce the £1.2bn dairy deficit as “irresponsible” and “cruel”.

Demonstrations by dairy farmers, such as the one outside the Highland’s first Asda reported by the BBC, look set to continue

Farmers threaten to maintain milk blockade

By John Wood

Farmers For Action (FFA) have vowed to continue blockading milk processing depots despite an agreement that has been struck between the National Farmers Union (NFU) and the milk processors’ trade body Dairy UK.


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