Consumer Protection

Plastic recycling and brand transparency were key trends that would impact food and drink manufacturers

Key trends for food and drink manufacturers in 2018

By Gwen Ridler

Food manufacturers are likely to be impacted by two key consumer trends from a list of four, set to dominated shoppers’ spending next year, according to new research from Mintel.

Information from whistleblowers will be treated in confidence, claims FSA

Food fraud remains a threat to UK firms

By Noli Dinkovski

There is “no obvious evidence” of organised crime in the UK food industry, but food fraud remained an ongoing threat, a leading figure at the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has claimed.

Asda and Tesco both issued food product recalls last week

Improvements urged to product recall system

By Michelle Perrett

Businesses, including food and drink manufacturing firms, have been urged by the government to join a steering group to improve the system of product safety recalls.

Handled well, a crisis can strengthen relationships with customers, said David Pickering

Plan your recall strategy before the horse bolts

By David Pickering

The furore surrounding the horsemeat scandal seems to have settled for the time being. But let’s not forget an estimated 10M beef burgers, among other products, were removed from supermarket shelves across the country. Perhaps this calm offers an opportunity...