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The Food Crime Unit boss aims to build trust with food and drink manufacturers to fight crime

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Food Crime Unit boss aims to win food firms’ trust

By Michael Stones

Winning food and drink manufacturers’ trust, as a first step to persuading them to share information to help combat crime, is the top priority of the head of Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) Food Crime Unit Andy Morling.

The FoodIntegrity project aims to unite scientists worldwide to combat food fraud

UK spearheads €12M EU food fraud project

By Rod Addy

An EU-wide initiative targeting food fraud, costing €12M, has been announced, spearheaded by the UK’s Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA).

Food to die for?

Food to die for?

By Sarah Britton

Fearful that a carcinogenic ingredient may be cancerous to its reputation, the food industry is pulling out all the stops to cut acrylamide levels. Sarah Britton reports