New EU legislation on campylobacter could be implemented this August: Jeremy Hall

War on campy to hot up as EU decision looms

By Noli Dinkovski

The war on campylobacter is set to ramp up after a leading industry figure warned that the EU was likely to legislate on safe levels in poultry as soon as August.

Chicken is getting safer as campylobacter interventions are working

Food industry ‘winning fight against campylobacter’

By Laurence Gibbons

The food industry is winning the fight against campylobacter – the most common cause of food poisoning – as the presence of campylobacter in supermarket chickens continues to fall, according to the latest data released by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Results released after survey of retail chicken from July to September

Morrisons has highest campylobacter levels amid overall dip: FSA

By Alice Foster

Morrisons has the highest levels of campylobacter in fresh chicken, while contamination in retail chicken has fallen overall, according to the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) latest assessment of Britain’s number one cause of food poisoning.

Tesco is progressing well in its bid to reduce campylobacter levels in its chicken

Tesco on track to meet campylobacter target

By Laurence Gibbons

Tesco is on track to meet its pledge to reduce the levels of the foodborne pathogen campylobacter in its fresh chicken, according to data released by the retailer.

Willgoss outlined M&S's campylobacter action plan

M&S boss tackles campylobacter

By Nicholas Robinson

Campylobacter has plagued poultry products in the UK for years, but Marks & Spencer’s director of food technology Paul Willgoss has a five-step plan to help tackle the bug, he tells Nicholas Robinson.

Morrisons claims significant cuts in the amount of highly contaminated chickens

Campylobacter is losing war, claim retailers

By Rod Addy

Retailers are gaining ground on campylobacter according to results that update the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) latest data, the grocery industry has claimed.

Campylobacter eradication must start at farm level, Dawkins urged

Faccenda’s steam tool cuts campylobacter by 80%

By Rod Addy

Faccenda Foods has achieved 80% campylobacter reductions in its whole chickens and plans to launch the first UK continuous production line application of SonoSteam, which enabled that, for Asda in June.

Improperly cooked chicken contaminated with campylobacter is the top cause of UK food poisoning

Asda hit hardest by latest campylobacter results

By Rod Addy

Retailers have again failed to reach targets for campylobacter contamination in fresh shop-bought chickens, with almost three quarters of samples in the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) latest survey results testing positive for the bug. 

Decontamination of poultry carcases during processing would help cut campylobacter levels

Don't play chicken with campylobacter

By Michelle Knott

Retailers are coming under increasing flak to adopt better measures to combat high levels of campylobacter in poultry on sale. Michelle Knott reports

The results of the FSA's nine-month campylobacter survey, expected later this month, are eagerly awaited

FSA to publish nine-month campylobacter survey

By Rick Pendrous

Supermarkets will be waiting with bated breath for the results of the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) first nine months survey of levels of campylobacter in poultry on sale at retail expected this month.

The FSA should highlight the need for better hygiene in the home, said Clive Black

FSA’s campylobacter policy slammed

By Michael Stones

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) policy of naming and shaming supermarkets by ranking their fresh chicken according to its contamination with campylobacter was ill-conceived and counterproductive, Clive Black, head of research at City analyst Shore Capital,...

Rapid surface chilling is said to be effective in reducing campylobacter

Retailers ‘cold on new campylobacter control’

By Michael Stones

British retailers are continuing to delay the introduction of a new, highly effective technique to prevent campylobacter infections on poultry, despite mounting consumer concern about Britain’s number one source of food poisoning.

The campylobacter death toll demanded urgent industry action, said the industry insider

Campylobacter death toll ‘demands action’: industry insider

By Michael Stones

The death toll from campylobacter food poisoning demands urgent industry action, a key industry insider has told this website, after the Food Standards Agency (FSA) confirmed a big increase in contamination levels last week.

Supermarket bosses should be ashamed of the big rise in campylobacter infection rates, said Which?

Campylobacter: ‘Supermarket bosses should hang heads in shame’

By Michael Stones

Consumer pressure group Which? claims supermarket bosses should “hang their heads in shame”, after the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) latest testing results revealed a big rise in the levels of campylobacter infections in the chickens they sell.

Campylobacter thrives on raw chicken and is killed off by cooking

Campylobacter contamination worse than thought

By Rod Addy

Supermarkets face a fresh blow to consumers’ trust in them as chicken tested for the food poisoning bug campylobacter looks set to yield even worse results than previous samples.

Surface treatments for campylobacter on poultry may not be enough to combat infection

Campylobacter may spread internally in poultry

By Nicholas Robinson

Work aimed at reducing the surface levels of campylobacter contamination on poultry could be overtaken by events, as new research suggests internal spread of the pathogen in chickens as well.

Retailers have denied blocking rapid surface chilling to combat campylobacter due to fears it would add up to 5p to the cost of poultry

Food safety conference

Retailers deny blocking new campylobacter control

By Michael Stones

Retailers have denied failing to support a new treatment that could slash the incidence of campylobacter food poisoning because it could add to cost of poultry.

The FSA plan to name and shame retailers over campylobacter levels from November

FSA to name and shame campylobacter stores

By Michael Stones

Plans to name and shame retailers that sell chicken contaminated with high levels campylobacter have been confirmed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), nearly a year after they were first revealed at the Food Manufacture Group’s Food Safety Conference.

Previous FSA surveys had indicated that up to two thirds of raw poultry could be contaminated with campylobacter

Packaging may cut campylobacter contamination

By Rod Addy

Non-leak packaging may be key to cutting transmission of the food poisoning bug campylobacter found on fresh shop-bought chickens, according to the latest Food Standards Agency (FSA) figures.

Campylobacter could become a competitive issue for supermarkets, predicted FSA boss Andrew Rhodes

Food safety conference

Campylobacter in supermarket chicken to be ‘competitive issue’

By Rick Pendrous

Campylobacter could become a competitive issue as supermarkets that have managed to reduce the pathogen levels in their chicken take commercial advantage of this, said the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) chief operating officer Andrew Rhodes.

The problem of campylobacter in fresh chicken had no 'silver bullet' solution, FSA board members heard

Supermarkets must spur suppliers to cut campylobacter

By Rick Pendrous

Retailers must incentivise poultry suppliers to tackle the UK’s soaring levels of campylobacter contamination, according to the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) board, which met in Aberdeen today (September 11).

Research was needed to study the possible 'systematic' infection of chickens with campylobacter, according to the Royal Society for Public Health conference

Campylobacter: five key trends in food poisoning cases

By Gary Scattergood

Five key trends have been identified for outbreaks of campylobacter – the most common cause of food poisoning in the UK – but the reasons behind them are far harder to pinpoint, a Royal Society for Public Health conference heard.

'Campylobacter is cleverer than we thought': food scientists

Campylobacter is smarter than we thought: scientists

By Laurence Gibbons

Campylobacter is smarter than scientists thought as it is able to alter its “swimming behaviour” inside human bodies to find food, according to new research by scientists at the Institute of Food Research (IFR).

Chickens are a key reservoir for Campylobacter

FSA study aims to cut poultry Campylobacter

By Freddie Dawson

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) aims to cut campylobacteriosis by commissioning research to trace the sources of Campylobacter infection – often linked to poultry.

Silver lining for poultry cloud

Silver lining for poultry cloud

A recent trial has shown that protecting chicken crates with antimicrobial silver can help reduce the risk of Campylobacter cross-contamination...


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