Campden Bri

Constantly evolving threats posed by food germs must be fought with effective training, Campden BRI claims

Campden BRI targets microbiological skills gap

By Rod Addy

Tesco, Sainsbury and 2 Sisters Food Group are among the firms contributing to a report published by Campden BRI designed to tackle the lack of training to fight microbiological food contamination.

Campden BRI disproves water vapour myth

Testing times in water vapour transmission

Absence of an ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) layer in board pot packaging has been found not to adversely affect water vapour transmission rates (WVTR) in tests carried out by food research organisation Campden BRI.

2 Sisters is teaming up with Campden BRI to boost its technical training programme

2 Sisters and Campden BRI to create academy

By Gary Scattergood

2 Sisters Food Group (2SFG) is expanding its technical training regime by partnering with research organisation Campden BRI and creating a training and development hub at its Birmingham headquarters.

Customers - especially the younger ones - are prepared to try out new beer types and flavours

Cheers to new ways

By Laurence Gibbons

Modern technologycould provide cheaper ways to brew beer, reports Laurence Gibbons

Pulsed light can have a lethal effect on micro-organisms

It's pasteurisation Jim, but not as we know it...

The next generation of novel processing technologies from pulsed electric fields to ozone processing could prove to be far more promising than the first as scientists tackle the issues that have historically them back, Campden BRI's Craig Leadley...


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