Campden Bri

A team from University of Reading scooped the silver prize in 2017

Food science and tech awards Ecotrophelia launched

By Rod Addy

The quest for trailblazing food science and technology students is underway, with the launch of the annual Ecotrophelia awards, backed by food and drink research and services organisation Campden BRI and the Institute of Food Science & Technology...

RapidOxy is a technique that could bring benefits to the edible oils and fats sector

Help needed for Campden BRI oils stability project

By Noli Dinkovski

Food manufacturers have been invited to participate in a project that aims to better understand a technique that rapidly monitors the oxidative stability of a range of oils.

Campden BRI boss Professor Steven Walker sets out his vision on food science

The Big Interview

Campden BRI boss thinks big on food science

By Noli Dinkovski

Professor Steven Walker has dedicated his life to the small things – but on the future of food science, he isn't afraid to think big.

Professor Walker: better industry communication required a collaborative approach

The Big Interview

Food firms need to show honesty: research boss

By Noli Dinkovski

Food manufacturers need to show “transparency, honesty and clarity” if they are to overcome public misconceptions about the food industry, the boss of a leading research organisation has claimed.

Last year’s winners Ryan Clifford and Dominic Urban receive their prize from Marks & Spencer’s Sue Bell

Food innovation student award shortlist announced

By Rick Pendrous

Five teams of food science and technology students have been shortlisted to face a panel of industry ‘dragons’ in the 2017 Ecotrophelia UK final, which will take place at Campden BRI next month.

Innovation will focus on extending product ranges, a Campden BRI survey claimed

Food firms boost innovation by extending ranges

By Matt Atherton

Food and drink product innovation will focus on extending product ranges and developing entirely new products in the food and drink sector over the next two years, a Campden BRI survey revealed.

Personalised nutrition is set to revolutionise new product development

Developers get personal about food

By Rick Pendrous

Nutrition, health and well-being feature large in Campden BRI’s new research projects this year, with one study looking at improving the nutritional status of crops and another on ‘personalised nutrition’.

Consumers want reassure about food and drink product safety

Consumer care is a new priority for food science

By Rick Pendrous

The food industry must engage more with consumers if it is to reassure them about what it does and get their buy-in for new advances in science and technology, according to a new survey published by research group Campden BRI on January 6.

I Food Robot: humans offer flexibility that automation doesn't

Tomorrow's food factory: sneak preview

By Rick Pendrous

Tomorrrow’s food factories will look very different to the ones of today, being designed to raise efficiencies and reduce the cost of production, while offering better sustainability.

Reaction to the EU's new food labelling rule captured in quotes. Don't miss the free advice on offer in our one-hour webinar at 11am on Thursday February 20

EU’s new food labelling rules – what they say in quotes

By Michael Stones

As the clock counts down to the EU’s mandatory food labelling rule changes – due to be enforced on December 13 2014  – we chart reaction to the legislation in quotes from people responsible for making sense of the new rules.

Don't miss the free advice about the EU's new mandatory food labelling rules on offer at our webinar at 11am on Thursday February 20

Food labelling uncertainty rises ahead of EU deadline

By Michael Stones

Uncertainty about how to comply with the EU’s new food labelling legislation – due for enforcement on December 13 2014 – plus complaints about the lack of clarity concerning the rules, is continuing to mount, according to industry experts.

Constantly evolving threats posed by food germs must be fought with effective training, Campden BRI claims

Campden BRI targets microbiological skills gap

By Rod Addy

Tesco, Sainsbury and 2 Sisters Food Group are among the firms contributing to a report published by Campden BRI designed to tackle the lack of training to fight microbiological food contamination.

Campden BRI disproves water vapour myth

Testing times in water vapour transmission

Absence of an ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) layer in board pot packaging has been found not to adversely affect water vapour transmission rates (WVTR) in tests carried out by food research organisation Campden BRI.

2 Sisters is teaming up with Campden BRI to boost its technical training programme

2 Sisters and Campden BRI to create academy

By Gary Scattergood

2 Sisters Food Group (2SFG) is expanding its technical training regime by partnering with research organisation Campden BRI and creating a training and development hub at its Birmingham headquarters.

Customers - especially the younger ones - are prepared to try out new beer types and flavours

Cheers to new ways

By Laurence Gibbons

Modern technologycould provide cheaper ways to brew beer, reports Laurence Gibbons

Pulsed light can have a lethal effect on micro-organisms

It's pasteurisation Jim, but not as we know it...

The next generation of novel processing technologies from pulsed electric fields to ozone processing could prove to be far more promising than the first as scientists tackle the issues that have historically them back, Campden BRI's Craig Leadley...

Import law costs

Import law costs

EU rules introduced on January 25 could pile more expense on to processors importing food from certain countries, food science body Campden BRI has...

New director-general for Campden BRI

New director-general for Campden BRI

Dr Steven Walker has taken up the role of director-general of Campden BRI, succeeding professor Colin Dennis who retired last month.Walker joined the...

Enzymes increase fibre levels

Enzymes increase fibre levels

By Hayley Brown

In a bid to enhance the nutritional content of foods, an enzyme treatment has been harnessed to increase soluble fibre levels, Campden brewing...


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