All age groups agreed there should be clearer labeling of alcohol content

Give us clearer alcohol labels: drinkers

By Michael Stones

Nearly half of British drinkers want clearer labelling of alcohol contents, while one in five people in the over 65 age group who drink alcohol consume “unsafe” levels, according to new research.

Estrella beer is made by Wells & Youngs Brewing Company

Wells & Youngs escapes ban over Estrella ad

By Rod Addy

An Estrella beer advert was slammed by the Youth Alcohol Advertising Council (YAAC) for encouraging irresponsible drinking among young people and linking alcohol to sex.

EDITOR'S COMMENT: The cost of alcohol-related illnesses, absenteeism and crime is, according to the PM’s Strategy Unit, 2003, around £20bn. But against that, research firm Keynote claims the UK alcoholic drinks industry achieved over £30bn in sales in 2001. It also generates jobs and boosts the economy, but risks criticism for indifference if it doesn’t consult on government policy and claims of undue influence if it does. Health groups should welcome its engagement and recognition that alcohol misuse undermines brands. Our desire for a tipple means the UK’s alcohol sea won’t dissipate overnight. Slamming the hatch on industry would see HMS ‘DH’ dive punch drunk for unfathomed regulatory depths. A boon for civil liberties, the economy and NHS?  Ben Bouckley is deputy online editor.

Government rejects alcohol policy concerns

By Ben Bouckley

The Department of Health (DH) has defended its approach to alcohol, after public health groups alleged that the drinks industry has an undue influence on government policy.

Not just for Christmas

Not just for Christmas

By Sarah Britton

While consumers are happy to buy foods containing alcohol over the festive period, they are less willing to do so at other times of the year. But some manufacturers are trying to change this, as Sarah Britton reports