The research assessed pupils' knowledge of the Department of Health's Eatwell Plate

Kids’ diet scheme PhunkyFoods gets results

By Rod Addy

Children’s attitudes to health are being improved by kids’ diet scheme PhunkyFoods – funded by Nestlé and 2 Sisters Food Group – according to research revealed today (October 28) by Leeds Beckett University.

Followers of the 'Caveman Diet' have attacked the government's Eatwell Plate

Caveman diet followers attack ‘Eatwell Plate’

By Laurence Gibbons

The government’s ‘Eatwell Plate’ has come under criticism for containing more than 100% of the recommended daily allowance of sugar in just one meal, by Paleo Britain.

Food safety risks should not be overlooked when reforumating foods to combat Britain's obesity epidemic, said Dr Sarah Stringer

Food safety conference

Beware food safety impact of reformulation

By Michael Stones

Small-scale food manufacturers have been warned to beware the food safety consequences of reformulating their products to remove salt, sugar and fat.

Antimicrobial resistance in stock and humans poses the greatest food safety challenge, warned Professor Sarah O'Brien

Food safety conference

Top food safety threat is antimicrobial resistance

By Michael Stones

Four threats, including antimicrobial resistance, and two opportunities will be some of the biggest influences on UK food safety in the years ahead, delegates heard at the Food Manufacture Group’s safety conference this week.

Sceti: 'Frozen food can be a key part in reducing food waste'

Food industry must unite to tackle obesity and waste

By Laurence Gibbons

The food industry must engage with frozen food firm Iglo Group’s latest programme to tackle obesity, food waste and unsustainable production, according the firm’s boss Elio Leoni Sceti.

The UK is viewed as the fat-man of Europe, 2020health claims

AB Sugar-backed report takes tough line on obesity

By Rod Addy

Tougher measures to tackle obesity have been proposed in a report published by 2020health and funded by AB Sugar, including a ban on daytime TV adverts for unhealthy products targeting kids.

Obesity will not be solved by reformulation alone

Reformulation ‘won’t solve obesity’

By Laurence Gibbons

Reformulation is not the sole solution to obesity, as health-conscious consumers could be increasing their calorie consumption by choosing low-sugar or low-fat products, according to research from AB Sugar.

Scottish consumers need to up their consumption of fruit and vegetables

Reaction: Scotland’s NDNS results

Scotland’s diabetes ‘time bomb’

By Nicholas Robinson

Scotland’s ageing and increasingly overweight population is facing a “diabetes time bomb”, which must be a focus of the Scottish government.

The Scots are drinking more alcohol and sugary drinks than UK average

Snapshot: Scotland’s NDNS results

Scots eat poorer diet compared with UK average

By Nicholas Robinson

Scottish consumers drink more alcohol, eat fewer fruits and vegetables and drink more sugary drinks than the rest of the UK, according to Scotland’s National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) results.

Home-cooked meals are not always the healthiest - new research

Home-cooked not always best

By Nicholas Robinson

Home-cooked meals may not be the healthiest or cheapest option for consumers, as food businesses continue to respond to health and price concerns by adapting their recipes, according to new research.

Researchers are calling for sugar to represent no more than 3% of total dietary energy intake

Sugar not the sole cause of obesity: AB Sugar

By Rick Pendrous

British Sugar owner AB Sugar is fighting back against anti-sugar campaigners with the launch of a campaign informing people about sugar’s role in a healthy balanced diet.

Lower saturated fats through rapeseed gene

Lower saturated fats in new rapeseed strain

By Nicholas Robinson

Determined food businesses working to lower fat content could benefit from a new strain of rapeseed that produces oil with lower than usual levels of saturated fat.

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