i2B Limited

i2B Limited

i2B (founded in 2000) are based in the North East of England and are extremely proud of their products, skills and services that they provide to their ever increasing global client base. The company not only prides itself in an industry-leading product in i2B Connect but also unrivalled customer care and support.

i2B provides companies with the power to see, manage and protect their information by delivering comprehensive, enterprise-wide, fully integrated information solutions.   They have vast experience in SRM (Supplier Relationship Management), supply chain, procurement, ERP integration and business consultancy.

They continually develop and implement the best application software with superior technologies, professional services and support structures to create total solutions that are as unique as their clients.

Their i2B Connect software enables you to integrate your business activities with your suppliers through the internet.

This will save you both time and money.

For more information or to discuss how i2B can help you visit​ or email vasb@v2o-bayvar.pbz