In the beginning

It all started as a client request. Our customer wanted to keep the Dymo service that was ending. So driven by our entrepreneurial spirit, we relied on 10 years of experience - both working in leading international companies and successfully running our start-up Proxyclick – to build Visitor Management in a way that it would be profitable, intuitive and simple.

We did as we always do; listened to our customers and were hands-on. Bootstrapped and self-funded, we designed in the manner of the Lean Startup revolution that inspired us; building step by step, releasing often and learning from each product release. That’s how Visitor Management was launched in 2010.

The future is now

Since then our company has grown. We’ve got all sorts of clients across the world, from close combat training centers in Mexico, to schools in Australia or large corporations in North America.

Our software has evolved. We continuously improve our application responding to ever-changing technology and work environments whether by adding features, adapting to regional habits or integrating new smart notifications.

Our own ways of working have also changed. We’ve abandoned speaking engagements, conferences and sales events to focus on building our product and sharing best practices with our community online.

Today our team is no longer only sitting in our Brussels headquarters but also working remotely or home-based, across the world on multiple time zones and speaking multiple languages. We’ve grown our network of partners from Paris to LA and all the way to Tegucigalpa in the Honduras.

We continue to stay true to ourselves, to you and to the people you serve. We’re always here to help or to listen.

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