Nergeco Productivity High Speed Doors

Nergeco Productivity High Speed Doors

Nergeco became in 30 years and 89 countries the technological standard of high speed`doors adapted to each process. Created for the food industry​, the range of fast action doors Star 5 Agro​ integrates the new Intelligent Curtain® in its multi-composite structure.

This curtain increases insulation and reduces energy costs, repairs and maintenance. Its closing edge is flexible and can be deformed horizontally and vertically. Without any heavy or rigid threshold bar or sensor, it is sensitive and reactive on 40 cm height.

At each cycle, by added safety on just in time opening and twice as fast closing than conventional doors, the Nergeco doors reduce exposure time, and therefore cut energy spending and airborne contamination risk by 23 to 32% at each cycle (CETIAT study)​. Learn more about this study on our website.

Structures and mechanisms ​are made of multi-composite new materials and were developed according to strict environmental constraints of pharmaceutical and aggressive environments of the food process. Formulation and specific design for each kinematic and mechanical function have led to a significant increase in resistance to tearing, fatigue and denting compared to welded structures and more resistance to corrosion than 316L stainless steel, which makes them perfectly meet the requirements of clean environments. The shapes are rounded, sloping, smooth and water-repellent. The range offers 3 trim levels,plus an emergency exit version​.

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