LycoRed Ltd

LycoRed Ltd

LycoRed is a global leader in healthy natural fortification and colorant, serving the Food, Beverage, Nutri- Cosmetics and Dietary Supplement industries. 

LycoRed's product portfolio includes unique formulations and microencapsulations, Natural carotenoids, such as lycopene, lutein and beta-carotene; vitamins and minerals; amino acids, functional ingredients, Natural Food colours and Natural Flavour enhancers.

As a global company with a GloCal distribution and support network, LycoRed is positioned to be uniquely attentive to its customers needs, working in partnership with clients to bring leading innovative products into the marketplace.

Our mission is to create partnerships by providing value added ingredient solutions which are healthy, safe, high quality and novel for the nutrition, food & beverage and dietary supplement industries. 

LycoRed, a leader in nutrition and fortification solutions provides a wide range of nutrients and bioactives, from (vitamin) A to Z (inc). We create custom solutions for application- and production-process challenges. Our line of products includes added-value microencapsulated vitamins and minerals designed for slow release and improved stability. LycoRed has extensive manufacturing, blending, microencapsulating and R&D facilities and capabilities worldwide. 

Natural color choices: From Yellow to Red 

LycoRed has expanded its natural colorant line to include new formulations based on natural carotenoids, specifically tomato lycopene and beta-carotene.

Specially designed and formulated to solve natural colour issues, our Natural Colours are non migrating, pH, heat, light and ascorbic acid stable.   

Premixes of nutrients:

LycoRed has 2 state of the art premix facilities supplying to the infant, cereal, and food & beverage industry. Our plants are specially designed to meet the highest safety and quality standards. Our dedicated R&D team supports you with our extensive knowledge of fortification ingredients and unique encapsulation technologies.

Natural Ingredients from Tomatoes: Natural Flavour Enhancement , ​Sante-

LycoRed food scientists have succeeded in separating out and concentrating all of the taste enhancing components which exist naturally in the tomato, without the tomato flavor, to deliver the unique umami ​and kokumi ​taste characteristics. Providing a natural, clean label, flavor enhancer suitable for use in almost any type of food.

Ingredients for the dietary supplement Industry

In addition to our natural carotenoids, natural tomato complex, lutein and Beta Carotene which is well known for its high quality and extensive clinical research by LycoRed, we also supply an extensive line of minerals, vitamins and special ingredients specially designed for all applications, direct compression, hard shell, chewables and soft gel.

Science-backed company

LycoRed is a science-based company with regional facilities in the U.S., Europe, China and Israel. It has been supplying ingredients for the industry for more than 20 years,  natural carotenoids and a wide range of other nutritional and colouring ingredients to the dietary supplement, functional food & beverage and nutricosmetic industries worldwide. 

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