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Let’s talk Pulled Oats®​, Pulled what we hear you say!

Well, Pulled Oats®​ is a Finnish plant-based protein innovation created by Maija Itkonen and Reetta Kivelä. It’s revolutionary food that is going to change the world, tall order we know but it is healthy, easy to prepare and – most importantly – delicious!

Pulled Oats®​ are completely plant-based and super tasty, made with just five simple natural ingredients: oats, yellow peas, fava beans, rapeseed oil and salt. There’s no soy and or any other weird stuff! It’s just simple plant based oaty, beany goodness with more protein than chicken and beef. It has great texture too and brings bite to your recipes. Plus, it absorbs all that great flavour for oat-standing taste!

At Gold&Green Foods we are developing products for a healthier tomorrow, one meal at a time. So far, we have created together with our customers delicious Bolognese, lasagnes, pizzas, wraps, pasties, dumplings, cup noodles, protein shakes and much more. Our product is a truly flexible ingredient for ready meals, food to go and is a perfect solution for industry and for the planet!

We provide people with healthy, sustainable, and delicious products without compromising on taste. Customers can lower their climate impact just by replacing meat with delicious plant-based options and that’s what we’re all about!

Pulled Oats®​ is the perfect protein for plant-based products and ready meals that are nutritious, clean, and green.

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