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A new angle on portion cutting

A new angle on portion cutting

Marel's new advanced variable angle slicer – Marel I-Slice 1068VA – automatically slices flat muscle – such as flank, skirt and other cuts – which have traditionally been sliced by hand.

Enough is enough! This legislation can't go on

Enough is enough! This legislation can't go on

By Clare Cheney

With the new year upon us, I can't remember a time when there was so much uncertainty in the world economy, business as a whole and the food trade in particular.

Not going cheep: The cost of Christmas dinner is nearly 10% more expensive this year

Christmas News-in-brief Roundup

By Freddie Dawson

The rising cost of Christmas, a boost for frozen meat sales and tough times for confectionery firm Thorntons all feature in our festive news-in-brief round up.

Sales promotions play a key role in boosting festive food and drink sales

Promotions help ring up Christmas food sales

By Mike Stones

Food and grocery sales promotions are key to coaxing Christmas purchases from cash-strapped consumers, according to new research from food and grocery experts IGD.

Meat consumption is predicted to soar by more than 70% in the next 39 years

Meat and dairy consumption to soar, predicts FAO

By Mike Stones

Meat consumption is predicted to rise by nearly 73% and demand for dairy products by 58% in the years up to 2050, according to a new report from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

Strictly partly food. TV viewers watching the X factor and Strictly Come Dancing will give party food a boost

Festive food gets X-Factor & Strictly boost

By Mike Stones

The UK’s £100M-plus festive party food boost starts tomorrow (December 10), as TV viewers hold X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing parties, according to retail giant Tesco.

Eggasperating: the government is powerless to prevent egg imports which do not comply with new welfare rules

Premier signs egg pledge as Whitehall ‘chickens out’

By Mike Stones

The UK’s biggest food firm Premier Foods has pledged to source only eggs and egg products which comply with new EU welfare rules, which come into force next month, as the government was accused of ‘chickening out’ on its promise to protect UK producers.

Sealing the deal

Sealing the deal

By Paul Gander

Investing in a packing line because it offers above average hygiene control sounds, on the face of it, like choosing a new car purely on the basis of its fuel-efficiency. In each case, there will probably be other, more pressing priorities. And the assumption...

Widepread disruption: Marmite on the M1 caused chaos among rush hour commuters

Marmite spread on M1 after lorry collision

By Dan Colombini

A driver was taken to hospital and a section of the M1 motorway was closed yesterday after an accident resulted in 20t of Marmite being spilled onto the carriageway.

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