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Organic Bacon

Soil Association seeks 'indefinite delay' on nitrate ban

By Ben Bouckley

The Soil Association and other industry bodies are seeking to indefinitely delay an EU regulation that would ban the use of nitrates and nitrites in organic cured meats from 2011, and potentially ruin some producers.


BPEX embarks on novel pig welfare scheme

By Freddie Dawson

The British Pig Executive (BPEX) has launched a new project that takes a novel approach to pig welfare by focusing on outcomes rather than inputs.

Ecclefechan Tart

Ecclefechan Tart and Ayrshire bacon perfect for PGIs?

By Elaine Watson

Ecclefechan Tart, shortbread, Scottish wild venison, Ayrshire bacon and several regional preserves and speciality cheeses are all prime candidates for EU protected name status, according to a new report.

Neil Court-Johnston

Interim manager still in charge at Holland's Pies

By Elaine Watson

Former Holland’s Pies md Neil Court-Johnston is still out of the business almost three months after being suspended in the wake of allegations that he had talked with third parties regarding a management buyout without the consent of company bosses.

Steve McGrath, FSA

Loophole keeps unsafe slaughterhouses open

By Rick Pendrous

Some slaughter houses and meat cutting plants that are in breach of food safety controls and present potential hygiene hazards are still operating – despite the refusal or withdrawal of approval by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) – because of a loophole...

UK is missing out on lucrative overseas market for offal

UK is missing out on lucrative overseas market for offal

By Rick Pendrous

Britain’s meat processors are missing out on lucrative overseas demand for offal, it has emerged. This is particularly the case with tripe (large stomach lining) – and other so-called ‘fifth quarter’ by-products of carcass ‘deconstruction’.

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