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The world is 'only a computer screen away' when it comes to perceptions about the quality of British meat: EBLEX

British meat industry ‘lucky’ to have loyal customers

By Rick Pendrous

The British meat industry is “lucky” to have loyal customers and needs to manage its reputation carefully in the wake of the horse meat scandal, according to the boss of the lamb and beef farmer levy-paying body EBLEX.

The horse meat scandal is an ideal opportunity for British farmers to promote premium beef, said EBLEX

Britain’s beef producers fight back against horse scandal

By Rick Pendrous

Britain’s beef farmers have identified the continuing scandal of horse meat in processed meat products as an ideal opportunity to promote UK produce, supplied to Assured Food Standards which guarantee its quality and authenticity.

Owen Paterson called for ‘more rigorous policing‘ of the food chain

Parliamentary battle over horse meat scandal

By Anne Bruce

Environment secretary Owen Paterson clashed with his shadow Mary Creagh, as he updated MPs on the latest developments in the horsemeat scandal earlier this week (February 11).

Sue Davies told the webinar consumers need user-friendly information

‘Involve consumers in food science earlier’

By Michael Stones

Food and drink manufacturers should involve consumers in the development of new scientific techniques and technologies at a much earlier stage, if past mistakes are to be avoided, according to consumer watchdog Which?