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IKEA famous for cheap furniture and meatballs - some with horse DNA, it was revealed today

IKEA dragged into horsemeat scandal

By Mike Stones

Furniture giant IKEA has become the latest retailer to be drawn into the horsemeat scandal, after tests in the Czech Republic revealed traces of horsemeat in a consignment of meatballs made in Sweden.

2 Sisters is expanding capacity to create up to 500 food manufacturing jobs

2 Sisters gears up to create up to 500 jobs in 2013

By Lorraine Mullaney

2 Sisters Food Group is getting its business ready to create up to 500 new jobs throughout 2013 as a result of winning significant new business, including a multimillion-pound contract to supply poultry to Sainsbury.

Beef or horse? DNA tests have revealed horse DNA in some of  the BMC's burgers

Welsh food manufacturer ‘gutted’ at horse news

By Mike Stones

A mid-Wales beef burger producer, whose website boasts “full traceability”, has told he was “gutted” to learn his beef burgers contained 1% or more of horse meat.

Iceland boss Malcolm Walker has apologised for his remarks about the Irish

Iceland in hot water after ‘Irish slur’

By Mike Stones

Iceland chief executive Malcolm Walker has apologised after making disparaging comments about the Irish on a BBC TV documentary about the horse meat scandal.

Quality assurance schemes are likely to benefit from the horsemeat scandal

Supermarkets have ‘underwear around ankles’ on horse meat

By Anne Bruce

The horsemeat scandal has caught big retailers “with the their underwear down” and it was still too early to predict the full implications of the crisis, a leading food policy commentator has told

Nestlé, the world's biggest food firm, has apologised to customers after horse DNA was discovered in its beef products

World’s biggest food firm withdraws ‘horse’ products

By Mike Stones

The world’s biggest food company Nestlé has been drawn into the deepening horse meat scandal, after it was forced to remove beef pasta products in France, Spain and Italy when they were revealed to contain horse DNA.

Owen Paterson is to meet food industry leaders today to discuss consumer confidence in beef

DEFRA accused of ‘disembowelling’ FSA over horse meat

By Mike Stones

The blame game over who was responsible for the deepening horse meat crisis intensified over the weekend, as a former chief adviser accused the government of “disembowelling” the Food Standards Agency (FSA), while the boss of supermarket chain Iceland...

Nearly 99% of tests proved negative for the presence of horse DNA, said the FSA

Food safety watchdog’s horse meat tests 99% negative

By Mike Stones

Nearly 99% of 2,501 tests on beef products ordered by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to reveal the presence of horse DNA have proved negative, the agency confirmed last Friday (February 15).

Sources close to the Prime Minister spoke out against the retailers’ silence on horse meat

Supermarkets under fire from PM for horse ‘silence’

By Mike Stones

Sources close to the Prime Minister have slammed supermarkets for their “silence” over the horse meat scandal, as the Food Standards Agency (FSA) prepared to release results of widespread meat testing on Friday (February 15).