Fresh produce

The new electronic nose technology could cut fruit waste by up to 30%

New electronic nose detects fruit ripeness

By Mike Stones

A new electronic nose designed to detect ripeness could save millions of pounds each year in preventing the wastage of fruit and vegetables, according to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Job cuts at the firm's EVS site contributed to a stong performance last year

Bakkavör sales rise after price increases

By Dan Colombini

Increased promotional activity and price increases have boosted sales at fresh food manufacturer Bakkavör, with recent job cuts at its English Village Salads (EVS) business also contributing to the strong performance last year.

The firm has been fined £8,000 for the incident

Bakkavör fined £8,000 for dirty water spill

By Dan Colombini

Fresh food manufacturer Bakkavör has been accused of failing to follow the correct operational procedures at its Lincolnshire plant after it was fined £8,000 for discharging dirty water into a stream.

Morrisons is aiming to become the UK's largest fresh food manufacturer by 2015

Morrisons takes full FBD stake with Cranswick buyout

By Dan Colombini

Morrisons has acquired full ownership of its Farmers Boy Deeside (FBD) fresh meat facility from former partner Cranswick as the retailer steps up its plan to become the UK’s largest fresh food manufacturer by 2015.

Birds Eye will meet its zero waste to landfill target two years ahead of schedule

Birds Eye to meet zero waste target in 2012

By Freddie Dawson

Frozen food firm Birds Eye will meet its zero waste to landfill target two years ahead of schedule this year, thanks partly to composting, according to its waste reduction partner Biffa.

British banks seem unwilling to lend food manufacturers the money they need to unlock innovation

Banks 'stifle food manufacturers’ innovation'

By Freddie Dawson and Mike Stones

British banks’ failure to understand the food manufacturing sector is choking industry innovation, warned speakers at a conference in London this week.

The firm's 'day-one for day-two’ strategy means that goods delivered to Culina depots on one day are distributed to retailers the next day

Culina Logistics targets big boost to food services

By Rod Addy

Culina Group is pressing ahead with ambitious plans to enhance services for food manufacturers and retailers – slashing store delivery lead times and pursuing rapid growth in fresh food and other categories.

James Arnold: determined to keep the firm growing despite international market pressures

Sleaford Quality Foods battles global supply chain

By Rod Dawson

Sleaford Quality Foods is overcoming tough challenges in the global supply chain as it seeks to source and process dried and dehydrated foods for foodservice customers and other manufacturers.

The outbreak of Salmonella Newport may be linked to water melons

Salmonella outbreak caused one death

By Freddie Dawson

A Salmonella Newport outbreak has affected 30 people in the UK, causing one confirmed death, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Sprouted seeds could pose an unacceptable risk to human health unless effective control measures are used

Sprouted seeds pose an unacceptable risk to health

By Rick Pendrous

Evidence is emerging that sprouted seeds could present an unacceptable risk to human health unless effective control measures such as irradiation can be used to make them safer.

Falls are a major cause of work-place injuries

Horticultural firm fined after roof fall

By Mike Stones

An Evesham horticultural firm has been fined £12,000 and ordered to pay £6,835 costs after a worker suffered serious head injuries and fractured his hand when he fell through a glasshouse roof.

The use of migrant wotkers is policed by the GLA

Food industry could be hit by GLA budget cuts

By Rod Addy

The policing of food industry employment standards could suffer if the Gangmasters Licensing Authority's (GLA's) remit widens while its budget is cut, as is feared.

Egg replacement products could help manufacturers cope with the ban on battery farmed eggs

Fresh opportunities as egg rules change

By Rod Addy

Ingredients suppliers are seizing the opportunity offered by EU regulations banning the use of battery farmed hens’ eggs to back food manufacturers struggling to source legitimate supplies.

Police do more than investigate: they prevent crime

Call for adjudicator to ensure a deal's a deal

By Rick Pendrous

An adjudicator with teeth is needed to police the Groceries Supply Code of Practice to prevent overly powerful retailers reneging on deals with their suppliers, according to leading processors.

MEP Richard Howitt (centre) presented the award

Kerry Foods wins training award

By Freddie Dawson

Fresh and convenience food producer Kerry Foods has won an award for the language training it offers employees at its Attleborough site in Norfolk.

Keep 'em peeled

Keep 'em peeled

By Rod Addy

The md of Fourayes, Phil Acock, is always on the look out for emerging consumer trends. The ability to stay ahead of the curve is vital in order to prosper in a period of economic hardship and volatility, he says.

TV presenter and farmer Jimmy Doherty won the coveted Food Personality of the Year award last year

Food Manufacturing Awards: one week to go

By Mike Stones

There is just one week to go before the stellar evening when food and drink manufacturers celebrate the best of the best at the Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards.

Seeking fluid solutions. Cutting firms' water use is the new carbon reduction

Why water is the new carbon

By Freddie Dawson

Mounting pressure on dwindling water resources means that food manufacturers must cut consumption sooner rather than later, according to the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

BBC TV's The Apprentice winner, Tim Campbell (left) presents Calum Marnock, from Kraft Foods, with a trophy at the FDF Community Partnership Awards ceremony

Food firms to double apprenticeships

By Graham Holter

The food and drink industry has pledged to double the number of apprenticeships in the sector by the end of next year.

The current CAP reform proposals will bring a bitter harvest if implemented, warn food firms, farmers and environmentalists

Food firms join chorus of disapproval on CAP reform

By Mike Stones

European food industry body FoodDrinkEurope has joined farmers and environmentalists in a chorus of disapproval following the publication of the Commission’s plans to reform the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Salad days: Bakkavör is to recruit about 60 staff for its new Bo’ness factory

Bakkavör to create 60 jobs at new Scottish plant

By Dan Colombini

Fresh food group Bakkavör will create about 60 new jobs with the opening of a second factory at its Caledonian Produce site in Bo’ness, near Falkirk, Scotland in December.

M&S' Christmas hampers go on sale online tomorrow

M&S plans a bumper natural, novel Christmas

By Rick Pendrous

Marks & Spencer (M&S) is planning a bumper Christmas with novel food and drink products and ‘natural’ packaging design ideas sourced from around the world.

Hot stuff: the heatwave is boosting sales but challenging food chain logistics

Sunshine puts pressure on food suppliers

By Graham Holter

The freak September heatwave is providing a welcome boost for the food industry but placing impossible demands on some parts of the supply chain, it has been claimed.

Fruit purée processor Fourayes wants to expand its product portfolio

Fourayes to grow fruit purée portfolio

By Rod Addy

Fruit purée processor Fourayes wants to expand its product portfolio, leaving no stone unturned in its quest to keep on top of market trends, drive up sales and offset cash flow fears, md Phil Acock told Rod Addy in this exclusive podcast.

Fourayes aims to grow fruit purée profile

Fourayes aims to grow fruit purée profile

By Rod Addy

Fruit purée processor Fourayes is looking into expanding its product portfolio, leaving no stone unturned in its quest to keep on top of market trends, drive up sales and offset cash flow fears, md Phil Acock told Rod Addy.

M&S's move to premium speciality foods will not marginalise suppliers, it claimed

Suppliers reassured as M&S food goes exotic

By Graham Holter

Marks & Spencer (M&S) insists it is not marginalising suppliers of mainstream food products, despite a high-profile shift into premium speciality goods.

Drosophila suzukil, or Spotted-Wing Drosphila (SWP)

Foreign invader threatens UK fruit

By Ben Bouckley

East Malling Research Association (EMRA) has warned about the threat to UK soft and stone fruit from a pestulant fly that could make it unmarketable.

MVH will make a

Microwave kit to 'revolutionise' food manufacturing

By Mike Stones

Longer shelf-life and improved nutritional qualities and flavours are the benefits claimed for a “revolutionary” new cooking and pasteurisation process from Advanced Microwave Technologies (AMT).