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Vemag Meatball Forming Systems from Reiser

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Vemag Meatball Forming Systems from Reiser

When it comes to the high-speed production of meatballs and other ball-shaped products, Vemag sets the industry standard for portioning accuracy, product quality, consistent performance and reliability. Vemag has perfected the production of meatballs with their line of Vemag Ball Control systems. These units produce meatballs, fish balls and croquettes, as well as coextruded filled products such as meatballs filled with cheese or barbeque sauce. Round, oval and stick-shaped products can all be produced with the same equipment.

Vemag Ball Control systems accurately shape and portion all types of meatballs in a wide range of sizes. They consistently produce exact-weight, perfectly round portions ranging from 4g up to 100g and more. Changeovers from one product diameter to another are quick and easy. An integrated cutting plate features an overlap blade action to ensure the meatballs are completely separated from one another, eliminating any “necklace” effect. A water spraying system for the blades and product eliminates sticking.

Versatile Vemag Ball Control systems are available in 2-, 6-, and 12-outlet designs, producing from 500 to 2,500 portions per minute.

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