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Vemag Gourmet Burger Forming Systems from Reiser

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Vemag Gourmet Burger Forming Systems from Reiser

Burger forming used to be about stamping out a standard product as fast as possible. Today, processors need to look more at differentiation in the market place. Producing a commodity product is not profitable. And that's where Vemag and Reiser can help.

The high-speed Vemag FM250 Burger Former the production of gourmet burgers to a whole new level. From start to finish, every step of our process has been perfected so that you can consistently produce a higher quality, better eating, more profitable burger. This is the light, fluffy, tender burger that consumers prefer and only Vemag can deliver. The same system can be used to produce poultry burgers, sausage burgers, crab cakes, fish nuggets and more.

The Vemag FM250 Burger Former uses a gentle, low-pressure system to form burgers that look homemade and have a tender bite that no other machine can produce. Meat fibres are not crushed or destroyed on the FM250 – instead they retain their natural alignment so that the finished burger has the superior bite, texture and eating quality of a hand-made product. You can maximise production with an interleaver and/or stacker, as well as a high-speed shuttle conveyer to load freezer belts, oven belts and packaging machines.

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