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Remove the risk of product damage in your mixing process

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The unique Eurobin Tumbler from Syspal is transforming the way companies manage their food blending and mixing. Using paddles instead of mixing blades allows mixing of delicate products such as salads, pastas, cereals and vegetables, with little or no breakage.

Feedback from several food processors has shown that the machine can reduce mixing time dramatically – in one test with different coloured cooked rice for example, one machine operator fully mixed a batch in less than one minute. This compares with the same process taking around 10 minutes for two operators to complete by hand - Syspal’s Eurobin Tumbler takes a fraction of the time and contributes to employee health and safety with the reduced risk of back strain from a strenuous manual task.

Since the initial launch the Tumbler has proved to be a simple, fast and efficient means to mix small and medium food batches.

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