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Reduced Energy Bill by 60% on ElectronicFlyKillers

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Food Industry leaders Brandenburg, are offering to reduce energy bills and carbon production by 60% for electronic fly killers with a capital return in 18-24months, while increasing food safety and complying to BRC Amendment 6.

• Our TRANSLUCENT TECHNOLOGY™ increases the UV output by up to 10 times, allowing for over 50% reduction in the number of units required in a plant.
• Our energy efficient electronics' reduce power consumption by around 30%.
• Overall we are looking at energy and carbon production savings of 50-65% while still INCREASING food safety.
• For one retail client this equates to over £8.1m in energy and 30,000 tonnes of carbon over a 5 year period
• Return of Capital Investment with around 18-24 months.
• We offer lifetime warranties on our products
• UK Manufactured

If you'd like us to review your usage and put together an outline proposal showing your potential carbon and monetary savings, please get in touch.

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