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Holac Dicers from Reiser

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Holac Dicers from Reiser

Holac is a world leader in dicing technology and offers a complete range of Dicers for applications of all types and sizes. All Holac equipment is designed for easy sanitation and total hygiene. Holac Dicers provide unmatched versatility and easily produce a variety of uniform product shapes and sizes. Featuring a simple-to-change cutting grid, a single Holac can cube, strip, shred or flake all types of products and improve yields with consistent size pieces ranging from 4 mm - 60 mm. Holac offers a wide range of equipment to satisfy any production requirement, from stand-alone machines to fully-automated lines.

The key to the Holac is its versatility. Because it is so quick and easy to change the cutting grid, you can easily make a wide variety of products. With a Holac Dicer, processors can use the same raw materials they currently process to expand their product line. Use the Holac to produce cubes for kebabs and stews; strips for fajitas and stir fry; juliennes, shreds and flakes for salad and pizza toppings.

And for processors looking at a dedicated line, the automation, high performance and product uniformity of a Holac Dicer gives it a clear edge.

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