Grain for Good: Natural Ingredients for a Fitter Future

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Grain for Good: Natural Ingredients for a Fitter Future

If you have a stake in the future of the bakery industry, and need market and technical insights on natural ingredients, this webinar is a must. As the bread and bakery markets fragment, the challenges for bakers grow. So do the opportunities. This is your chance to hear more.As a technician, product development or procurement manager, you’ll be interested in all the developments in whole grains, sprouted grain and malted grain, and in cereal as a whole.We'll be looking at nutritional content and health benefits as well as taste, texture, colour and performance. This webinar is all about added value - and a fitter future for your company as well as for consumers of your brands!Company summary:Founded in the 1880s, Edme combines a rich company history with strong values, a belief in natural, wholesome ingredients and a focus on innovation and new product development.  We are located in picturesque Mistley in Essex on the banks of the River Stour, and are a renowned ingredient producer serving the bakery and other food industries in Britain and beyond.  


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