Huw Irranca-Davies: food manufacturers should share research results

Labour Party Conference

Food manufacturers should share research: Shadow DEFRA minister

By Gary Scattergood

The food and drink industry received its fair share of attention - and plaudits - at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester this week. It was held up as rare success story in tricky economic times by shadow secretary of state for the Department for...

Jim Bergin: Sustainability makes good business sense

Food manufacturing: who pays for sustainability?

By Lorraine Mullaney

As sustainability continues to rise up the corporate agenda, Ireland has ambitious plans to become a world-leader in the production of sustainable food through its Origin Green initiative.

Paul Wilkinson: how does your food business measure up against his checklist?

Five top tips for success: food manufacturing guru

By Mike Stones

“View customers and politicians as the enemy,” is one of five controversial top tips for food business success, set out by a veteran business guru and chairman of the national skills academy.

Reviewing transport plans could help minimise Olympic disruption

Last minute plans cut Olympic disruption

By Mike Stones

As hundreds of thousands of visitors make final preparations to attend the Olympics next month, food and drink manufacturers should review their transport plans in order to avoid disruption in London and at other Olympic venues, advises logistics firm...

Dr Andrew Wadge highlighted the role of new technologies in combatting campylobacter food poisoning

FSA chief scientist's hi-tech answers to campylobacter

By Rick Pendrous

Dr Andrew Wadge, the Food Standards Agency’s chief scientist, explains why new technologies, such as lactic acid antibacterial washes during chicken processing operations, should be used to reduce the 403,000 cases of campylobacter food poisoning in the...

Tasting savings:environmental projects have helped Kelly’s of Cornwall save £200,000

Kelly’s saves £200,000 through green schemes

By Rod Addy

Kelly’s of Cornwall has nailed £200,000 worth of savings in two years from environmental projects ranging from reduction in water use to more efficient effluent treatment.

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