Cereals and bakery preparations

A fiercely competitive market is threating jobs at Patak's

Patak’s Breads set to cut 108 jobs

By Dan Colombini

Patak's Bread is preparing to shed 108 jobs after the firm announced a proposal to end production at its Lanarkshire bakery at the start of 2012.

The free-from food sector is seeing meteoric growth

Meteoric growth for free-from foods: Mintel

By Rick Pendrous

Britain’s free-from food sector is witnessing meteoric growth as more consumers report intolerance to certain foods, according to a new report about to be published by market research company Mintel. Retail sales are set to soar from £303M a year to £519M...

Tasty prospects for gluten-free product sales

New gluten-free meals signal the move to mainstream

By Freddie Dawson

The launch of two new gluten-free products by Dr Schär UK is further evidence of the category’s move from niche to mainstream lifestyle choice, according to the free-from manufacturer.

Putting on the ritz: Biscuit buyers are looking for 'everyday indulgence.'

In the biscuit world, full fat is now king

By Freddie Dawson

Manufacturers are no longer looking to make healthier cookies and biscuits, preferring instead to focus product development on indulgence and portion control, according to a market expert.

Full answer to weighty problems

Full answer to weighty problems

By Michelle Knott

There will always be a market for 'light' and 'diet' products, but the biggest trend in weight management today is towards functional ingredients. The contenders hoping to make the biggest splash fall into three basic functional groups:...