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Freedom Food ditches logo

Freedom Food ditches logo

By Nicholas Robinson

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has ditched its original Freedom Food logo in a bid to attract more food businesses and consumers, the charity has revealed.

Brown: 'We don't have the resources to take away responsibility from the police'

FSA restructures to ensure food crime unit capability

By Rick Pendrous

The Food Standards Agency is undergoing “major restructuring” creating an estimated 50 new jobs as it sets up the food crime unit (FCU) following the publication of Professor Chris Elliott’s report into last year’s horsemeat scandal.

Nutrition information labelling exemptions are causing confusion

Small brands play catch up with food labelling rules

By Rod Addy

Small brands are reacting to food labelling changes more slowly than larger peers and risk a last-minute scramble to meet Food Information for Consumers (FIC) Regulation requirements, according to GS1 UK.

Menus will have to clarify which items contain the 14 foods most commonly sparking an allergic reaction

Foodservice faces £200M bill for new allergen rules

By Rod Addy

Changes to food allergen rules could cost £200M for foodservice operators, with smaller businesses among those set to struggle the most, according to the British Hospitality Association (BHA).

From December 13, waiters will need to inform customers about allergens in the food

Caterers need individually wrapped free-from foods

By Rick Pendrous

Individually wrapped portions of free-from foods will be needed in restaurants and other catering outlets to meet increasing numbers of consumers with allergies and food intolerances, a leading expert has claimed.

The study found the packaging for all products sampled correctly indicated their country of origin

Country of origin labelling study clears retailers

By Rod Addy

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) found no slip-ups over country of origin labelling on the part of retailers and wholesalers in results of a UK and Ireland study published today (July 29).

Traffic light labelling infringes the internal market, claims Italy

Europeans challenge UK traffic light scheme

By Nicholas Robinson

The European Commission (EC) is investigating the UK's voluntary front-of-pack traffic light nutrition labelling scheme, following complaints from Member States (MS), which argued it influenced consumer choice and was an infringement of the internal...

Fishy question: what should be the freeze date? At sea or after processing?

Agreeing frozen fish dates sparks hot debate

By Nicholas Robinson

Consumers could be put off eating fish, if new EU rules governing the labelling dates of frozen fish are not better defined, the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) has warned.

Consumers need further education on date labels, says WRAP

‘Display until labels’ face increased criticism

By Rod Addy

The food industry must continue to remove ‘display until’ food and drink labels, as they are confusing shoppers and fuelling needless waste, the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) claims.

Retailers fear they will miss the FIR deadline

Food firms likely to miss FIR labelling deadline

By Rick Pendrous

Supermarkets and manufacturers are struggling to make the labelling changes required on the tens of thousands of products they sell to comply with the new Food Information for Consumers Regulation (FIR), which will come into force on December 13.

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