Brexit Debate

Pidy UK boss Robert Whittle advises food manufacturers to start stockpiling

Pidy: stock up to avoid Brexit woes

By Noli Dinkovski

The UK boss of a leading European ingredients maker is advising food manufacturers to stockpile in early 2019 due to the ongoing uncertainty around Brexit.

Plans for a plastic tax in this year's budget were slammed by members of the food and drink industry

Food and drink industry responds to 2018 Budget

By James Ridler

Food and drink industry representatives have challenged the plastic packaging tax consultation revealed in the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s 2018 Budget, which was announced on Monday (29 October).

Geographical indicators and intellectual property are the top concerns posed to our experts this month

Legal Q&A

Your food manufacturing legal questions answered

By James Ridler

Each month we pose your pressing food and drink legal questions to our expert panel. This month, we explore the future of geographical indications after Brexit and protecting your intellectual property.

Choppy waters: some believe a no-deal Brexit could severely impact the UK economy

Supply chain focus

Brexit: no port in the storm?

By Rick Pendrous

Time is running out to put in place contingency plans to ensure the smooth flow of materials post-Brexit, food and drink companies are being warned.

The UK's technology know-how and focus on food standards will make it desirable as a trade partner after it leaves the EU

UK food ranked high for standards and technology

By James Ridler

The UK food and drink industry’s technical knowledge and high standards would attract importers despite the outcome of Brexit, claimed secretary of state for international trade Liam Fox.

Kessie: The UK's exports would be protected under WTO rules

WTO rules to protect UK exports

By James Ridler

The move to World Trade Organization (WTO) export rules, should a ‘no-deal’ Brexit apply, could provide opportunities and protection for UK international trade, according to Edwini Kessie, WTO director of agriculture and commodities.

Meat Business Women was founded by Laura Ryan, former AHDB Beef & Lamb strategy director, to inspire women to succeed in the meat industry

Women in meat industry join forces for debate

By Chloe Ryan

Brexit and the #MeToo movement unexpectedly converged on 10 October as the dominant discussion themes at the Meat Business Women conference in Birmingham, as women leaders gathered to share ideas and network.

Brexit is already having a major impact on availability of labour in NI, according to CBI NI

Trade groups in NI and Wales voice Brexit fears

By Michelle Perrett

A raft of bodies in Northern Ireland, including those in the food sector, have raised serious concerns about the current availability of labour and migration policies in the post Brexit era.

A no-deal Brexit could cost the food and drink industry £9.3bn

£9.3bn cost of no-deal Brexit

By Aidan Fortune

The impact of Brexit is to be felt up and down the supply chain, with food manufacturers fearing a knock-on effect if no trade deal is agreed between the UK and the EU.

The organic food industry have called into question the Government's Brexit contingency plans

Organic sector calls for Brexit contingency plans

By James Ridler

The organic food sector has called for a clear contingency plan to ensure the continued trade of organic produce with the EU, should the UK be faced with a no-deal Brexit.

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