Nestlé demonstrated the advances in digital print with its Kit Kat Senses box

News in brief

Speedy move for complex Nestlé carton

By Paul Gander

A complex 3D pack design for Nestlé, which took roughly a third of the time typically taken from concept to consumer, has underlined digital print’s ability to deliver speedy solutions and streamline customers’ decision-making.

Half of UK consumers called for a tax on plastics for food packaging

Widespread support for plastic packaging tax

By James Ridler

More than half of consumers in the UK are in favour of a tax on all plastic packaging on food products, according to new research from a specialist consultancy.

Coca-Cola’s asymmetric Fanta bottle took at least two years to develop


Going out on a limb for packaging development

By Paul Gander

Every manufacturer wants their fast-moving consumer goods to make speedy progress onto the shelf, as well as off it. But how can firms accelerate the packaging development process for that to happen?

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is to undergo a redesign to bring it in line with the classic variant

New design unveiled for Coca-Cola range

By Aidan Fortune

Coca-Cola Great Britain has revealed a new design for the Coca-Cola range, featuring new packaging for its Coca-Cola original and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar variants.

Kelly's of Cornwall has ditched black packaging on its clotted cream ice cream (old packaging left)

Kelly’s replaces black packaging in ice cream tubs

By James Ridler

Ice cream manufacturer Kelly’s of Cornwall has pledged to replace all of the black plastic packaging used in its Clotted Cream variety with silver plastic, which is easier to recycle.

CCEP is pushing for a Deposit Return Scheme that avoids confusion for its customers

CCEP: deposit schemes need clarity

By Paul Gander

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is pressing for a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) in the UK that avoids any potential confusion for consumers, makes it easy for them to recover their deposits and is managed by a single not-for-profit company.

The mobile billboard outside of Walkers Leicester

Mobile campaign billboards circle Walkers HQ

By James Ridler

Two mobile billboards were circling Walkers Crisps’ Leicester factory and Reading headquarters on Monday (6 August), as part of a campaign urging the manufacturer to ditch plastic packaging.

Graze has adopted brighter, colourful packaging for its products


Graze rebrands snack range

By James Ridler

Snack manufacturer Graze has rolled out its rebranded packaging to its retail lines in a bid to reshape UK consumer perceptions of snacking.

The industry is lacking guidance on safe levels of mineral oils in food-grade boards

Uncertainty on mineral oils in recycled packaging

By Paul Gander

As a new range of food-grade boards targets the challenge of mineral oil content in recycled fibre, and its potential migration into food, many in the wider supply chain have been left perplexed by the lack of clear guidance from regulatory bodies on...

Tony Hitchin: ‘There is a general understanding that we have a problem with recycling plastics... and then we have the media and consumer outcry’

Green board to the rescue?

By Paul Gander

When it comes to consumer perception and brand aspiration, fibre-based packaging is in the strongest position it has been for years. But can it deliver on innovation to push home this advantage?

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