The introduction of a meat tax to promote healthy eating was criticised by Wales’ meat industry body

Meat tax ‘a sledgehammer to break a nut’

By James Ridler

The introduction of a tax on meat to save lives and reduce healthcare costs would be like using ‘a sledgehammer to break a nut’, a national meat trade body has claimed.

The FDF welcomed the Government’s more targeted approach to tackling health and obesity

Trade body welcomes Government approach to health issues

By James Ridler

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has welcomed the Government’s targeted approach to tackling health inequalities, covered in the policy paper published by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

Ocado and B&M are the latest retailers to fall under the Groceries Supply Code of Practice

Groceries Code protects Ocado suppliers

By James Ridler

Food and drink suppliers to retailers Ocado and B&M will now fall under the protection of the Groceries Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP), preventing the companies from abusing their commercial power.

The sale of meat classification body MLCSL to Hallmark Veterinary Compliance Services is reportedly on track

MLCSL sale on track

By Aidan Fortune

The sale of the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB's) meat and livestock subsidiary is expected to be completed in the next few months.

Barwheys Dairy is to close citing financial and regulatory pressures

Barwheys Dairy announces closure

By Aidan Fortune

Ayrshire-based cheesemaker Barwheys Dairy has revealed that it is to close its doors in early 2019, citing increased regulatory inspections as one of the main reasons.

Geographical indicators and intellectual property are the top concerns posed to our experts this month

Legal Q&A

Your food manufacturing legal questions answered

By James Ridler

Each month we pose your pressing food and drink legal questions to our expert panel. This month, we explore the future of geographical indications after Brexit and protecting your intellectual property.

The European Court of Justice is considering weather halal and kosher meat can be labelled as organic

No barrier for organic kosher and halal meat

By Aidan Fortune

The European Court of Justice is considering whether organic labels can be used on meat and poultry products from livestock killed under religious rules, such as halal and kosher, without pre-stunning, on the advice of one its advisors.

Can a smell be copyrighted, and where should you turn when selecting forklift suppliers?

Legal Q&A

Your food and drink legal questions answered

By James Ridler

From copyrighting taste and smell, to choosing the right forklift suppliers, our experts answer your pressing food and drink legal questions.

TFAs are naturally present in food products derived from ruminant animals, such as meat and dairy products

EU draft legislation limits trans fats

By Rod Addy

Trans fat limits for food have been introduced into EU draft legislation, with a proposed restriction of 2g per 100g of fat, where trans fatty acids (TFAs) are not naturally present in animal fat.

The organic food industry have called into question the Government's Brexit contingency plans

Organic sector calls for Brexit contingency plans

By James Ridler

The organic food sector has called for a clear contingency plan to ensure the continued trade of organic produce with the EU, should the UK be faced with a no-deal Brexit.

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