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Transpose EU regulations into UK law to avoid a vacuum, warns Bings

Transpose EU regulations before time runs out

By Gwen Ridler

EU regulations on food and drink should be transposed into UK law before the end of the Brexit transitional period, in order to avoid a regulatory vacuum, according to an expert in food law.

The original source of Listeria contamination had survived cleaning and disinfection procedures

Frozen sweetcorn listeria warning

By Rod Addy

Consumers have been warned to cook frozen vegetables thoroughly following a Europe-wide outbreak of listeriosis that has been linked to frozen sweetcorn.

Opportunities to innovate may present themselves post-Brexit, said Bassett

Opportunity for innovation post-Brexit

By Gwen Ridler

Brexit offers unparalleled innovation opportunities for the UK food and drink industry, so long as firms are prepared for regulatory changes, according to a leading food science expert.

New Campden BRI project

Campden BRI sets virus control project

By Aidan Fortune

Food industry consultant Campden BRI has set up a new club project to provide effective virus control measures for the sector.

Collaboration is key to prevent food fraud, said Andy Morling

Collaboration needed to tackle food fraud

By Gwen Ridler

The head of the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) National Food Crime Unit has renewed calls for collaboration between the organisation and manufacturers, to help prevent food fraud.

The BVA has warned that vet shortages could lead to food fraud incidents

Vet shortage could lead to food fraud: BVA

By Aidan Fortune

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has criticised Michael Gove for his statements regarding non-British vets, and warned that personnel shortages in the industry could lead to more incidents of food fraud.

Sick’s TriSpector 3D vision sensor


Food detection systems key to boosting efficiency

By Michelle Perrett

With increasingly speedy production lines for food and drink, the need for an efficient and accurate contaminant detection system is critical, as product recalls can prove costly on more than one front.

Tesco's decision to remove best before dates has been heavily praised

Tesco waste initiative sets benchmark

By Gwen Ridler

Tesco’s decision to remove best-before dates from select fruit and vegetable lines will be a benchmark that all other supermarkets will follow, according to an industry expert.

On average 3.8% of chilled raw whole birds sold in major supermarkets and discount chains tested positive for the highest levels of infection from January to March

Morrisons has upper hand in chicken bug war

By Rod Addy

Morrisons has the upper hand in the war against campylobacter, with none of its shop-bought chickens testing positive for the highest levels of contamination of the food poisoning pathogen in the latest quarterly figures.

Another major fipronil incident has been reported in Germany, with eggs originating from the Netherlands

FSA: no evidence of fipronil eggs in UK

By Michelle Perrett

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has claimed there is no evidence to suggest eggs affected by the latest fipronil scare have been distributed in the UK.

AMP usage in microflora


How AMP can monitor changes in microflora

By Dr Greg Jones

Dr Greg Jones, microbiologist at Campden BRI, puts forward the idea of using advanced microbial profiling (AMP) in the microflora sector.

The Local Government Association has called for continued access to the EU's food safety systems

LGA: retain access to EU health system

By Gwen Ridler

Failure to access Europe-wide food safety and animal health systems post-Brexit could weaken local councils’ ability to protect public health and increase the risk of a new food scandal.

The FSA is ‘confident’ a full-time presence in all 2 Sisters sites is no longer needed

2 Sisters emergency measures removed

By Aidan Fortune

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has removed the emergency measures of full-time presence in all 2 Sisters Food Group standalone poultry sites.

Vince Shiers: ‘If the supplier uses a lab not accredited for allergen testing, then the value of a ‘nut-free’ claim is questionable’


Minimising the risk of supplier-driven recalls

By Paul Gander

The causes of product recalls often originate inside the four walls of a food factory. But what measures can be taken to minimise the risks of supplier-driven recalls?

The deadline for survey submissions is Wednesday 6 June


Take our food safety survey and win £100

By Noli Dinkovski

Food and drink firms are being invited to enter an annual food safety survey that is offering participants the chance of winning £100 in Amazon vouchers.

Book now: spaces are still available for the conference, which takes place in Birmingham next month


Food Safety Conference: FSA’s plans to be debated

By Noli Dinkovski

Risk-based compliance’s impact on the food industry is set to be a key theme at Food Manufacture’s Food Safety Conference, which takes place in Birmingham next month.

Vincent Doumeizel talks about the challenges audits face in the food and drink industry

Lack of auditors and visibility in food supply chain

By Gwen Ridler

A deficit in auditors to meet demand and a lack of visibility in the supply chain are major challenges to the auditing of food and drink firms, a leading consultant in the field has claimed.

Sterling Crew: ‘Blockchain has the potential to revolutionise food traceability and transparency’


How blockchain can build trust in food

By Sterling Crew

Sterling Crew, strategic adviser at Shield Safety Group, explains how the use of blockchain can build trust in the food and drink industry.

Poole ‘It is really difficult for anyone to know what advice and guidance can be relied upon’

Date label advice issued by IFST

By Aidan Fortune

The Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST) has released a new fact sheet on date labelling of pre-packaged food.

There is a potential for food safety standards to drop once the UK leaves the EU warned FSS

FSS stresses Brexit food safety risks

By Aidan Fortune

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has highlighted concerns over a potential drop in food safety and standards in the country once the UK leaves the EU.

Participate now for the chance to win £100 in Amazon vouchers


Take our food safety survey and win £100

By Noli Dinkovski

Food and drink firms are being invited to enter an annual food safety survey that is offering participants the chance of winning £100 in Amazon vouchers.

The Queen's University Belfast has called for lower levels of arsenic in baby food

News in brief

Call for lower arsenic levels in baby food

By Noli Dinkovski

EU inorganic arsenic laws should be revised to ensure a lower concentration of the substance in baby food, an academic institute has argued.

Confusion still exists over date regulations for vacuum-packed meat products


Not so perfect ten on new rules

By Aidan Fortune

Confusion over date labelling and storage of meat products is still causing friction between producers and enforcement agencies. Can this be worked out to everyone’s satisfaction?

Food product recalls: why evidence matters

FSS: UK recalls remain relatively low

By Noli Dinkovski

In relation to the size of the market, the rate of recalls in the UK remains quite low, according to Food Standards Scotland (FSS).

Lessons must be learnt from last year's fipronil crisis, warned ABB

ABB: Learn lessons from fipronil

By Noli Dinkovski

The importance of traceability is the key lesson food manufacturers should embrace in the wake of last year’s fipronil egg contamination, a process control provider has claimed.

Lyons: Since the recall, food safety is now ‘the priority in decision making’

Swancote makes food safety priority

By Noli Dinkovski

The potato processing firm at the centre of a major product recall in 2015 has “radically changed its thinking” and now makes food safety “the priority in all of its decision-making”, according to the man appointed to oversee its transformation.

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