All news articles for May 2021

Dakins highlighted three major challenges affecting the cold chain

Three cold chain food safety and security challenges

By James Ridler

The cold chain faces three big challenges, according to Su Dakin, British Sugar head of food safety and quality, speaking at the Institute of Food Science and Technology’s Spring Conference 2021.

Meat processors in the UK have signed an open letter calling for Brazil to halt a damaging proposal for the Amazon rainfroest

UK meat processors and food groups threaten Brazil boycott

By James Ridler

UK meat processors and other food industry groups have publicly opposed proposals by the Brazilian government that they argue threaten the Amazon rainforest, warning they would consider boycotting Brazilian agricultural commodities if the plans proceed.

Sanderson: 'Remote risk management has opened our eyes to new possibilities'

Has remote compliance become business as usual?

By Rick Sanderson

Operating a laboratory relying on the steady flow of samples from across the world for various methods of integrity testing, life looked as uncertain for us as it did for the rest of the industry a year ago.

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