All news articles for November 2018

Attitudes to rPET have changes since 2016

News in brief

Renewed focus for recycled PET

By Paul Gander

Attitudes among retailers and brand-owners towards the use of recycled plastics, and particularly recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET), have shifted significantly since the troubled times for plastics recycling back in 2016, an energy and renewables...

Graham: ‘Easy cleaning and simple maintenance are essential to achieve rapid turnaround’

Bakery processing

In safer hands: hygienic bakery design

By Michelle Knott

An increasing focus on safety in bakery plants, coupled with demand for ever-faster turnaround times, has made hygienic design of processing kit a key priority.

Company Shop secured £4.2m of funding from Lloyds Bank. L-R: Company Shop group managing director Jane Marren, Lloyds Bank relationship director Mark Butterworth and Company Shop founder and chairman John Marren

Company Shop secures £4.2m of funding

By James Ridler

Food surplus redistributor Company Shop has secured £4.2m of funding from Lloyds Bank to support a major expansion drive and create more than 200 jobs.

Chief executive Heath Zarin (pictured) launched EV Cargo

NFT joins £850m logistics giant

By James Ridler

Temperature-controlled supply chain business NFT is one of six companies joining forces to create a £850m logistics giant in the UK.

New immigration laws could leave the food supply chain without workers

Logistics body criticises immigration restrictions

By James Ridler

The food supply chain could grind to a halt under the Government’s plans to restrict lower-skilled immigration into the country, logistics body the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has claimed.

Business urged to review revised workplace exposure limits for 31 chemical substances might impact their organisation and employees

Warning on substance limits change issued

By Aidan Fortune

Testing, inspection and certification provider Bureau Veritas has urged employers to carefully consider how the recent introduction of new and revised workplace exposure limits (WELs) for 31 chemical substances might impact their organisation and employees.

A subtype of E. coli could be the reason why human infection rates are three times higher in Scotland

Potential cause of Scottish E.coli problem identified

By James Ridler

A subtype of E.coli found in Scottish cows could be behind rates of human infection by the bacteria being three times higher in Scotland than in England or Wales, a cross-organisation investigation has claimed.

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