Morrisons customer finds maggots in broccoli

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 Morrisons customer found maggots crawling on his broccoli
Morrisons customer found maggots crawling on his broccoli

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A Morrisons customer found multiple maggots in his broccoli when he was preparing his evening meal.

Luke Allison-Gordon said his broccoli was covered in the maggots. He first spotted the creatures on July 10, after boiling his vegetables.

Allison-Gordon said he purchased the broccoli from Morrisons’ Gamston store, in Nottinghamshire.

‘Wouldn’t touch their fruit and vegetables again’

“There were about six in total,”​ Allison-Gordon told “I would go back ​[to Morrisons] but I wouldn’t touch their fruit and vegetables again.”

In a post on the Morrisons Facebook page, Allison-Gordon suggested the maggots could “withstand boiling water”​. The post also contained a video of the beasts crawling on the broccoli.

Here is Allison-Gordon’s Facebook post to Morrisons, showing his shock discovery.

A Morrisons spokesman told “Incidents like this are extremely rare. We have apologised to the customer and are investigating the issue with our supplier.”

‘Extremely rare’

Despite the shock of finding a little extra with his broccoli, Allison-Gordon said he was satisfied with the Morrisons customer service.

Allison-Gordon said: “Morrisons have sent a voucher in the post. They have been quite good, to be honest.”

The news followed a series of recent unpleasant surprises for Morrisons customers, all of which were reported on the Morrisons Facebook Page.

On July 11, one woman complained of caterpillars in her cauliflower. See her Facebook post below.

Similarly, below shows the Facebook post from July 9 of one woman that reported a spider came included in her Morrisons rack of pork ribs.


  • ‘Incidents like this are extremely rare. We have apologised to the customer and are investigating the issue with our supplier.’

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What is the matter with these people

Posted by Cubby Broccoli,

Don't they realise that Broccoli is supplied in its raw state straight from the field. It has not been washed or sanitised in any way so why be surprised if they find an insect or two. That is why the FSA and others state that Fruit & Veg must be washed before use.
Insecticides and Pesticides are now restricted. Maximum residue levels have been established and there is a name and shame policy for any offenders. The idea that people would rather have the bugs than the pesticides is obviously not demonstrated by this complaint.

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Can't believe it

Posted by harriet,

Why won't they just douse everything in pesticides to kill these insects and eradicate them from their natural environment so they can't come near our food. Crazy.

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Shock Horror

Posted by Stephen,

What is it with consumers who are so disengaged from the supply chain. Fruit and vegetables grow outdoors. Insects and wildlife live outdoors and eat fruit and vegetables. Packhouses and supply chain operators clean and "pack" products for consumers to buy a manufactured product, and then the consumer has the right to complain about finding "natural" contamination.
Last week I was shopping in French markets with fresh fish stalls that were covered in flies, burgers were being offered in restaurants cooked rare and nobody was concerned, and butchers and delicatessens all had fresh and cooked products stored next to each other without segregation. Here in the UK we are either hygiene obsessed or know when we can get a couple of vouchers from a "generous" supermarket who will ultimately charge the supplier £10-£50 for the complaint.

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