Nutrition is a major factor in health of ageing people

By Noli Dinkovski

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Study: mapped the reasons why some populations age healthier than others
Study: mapped the reasons why some populations age healthier than others

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There is “convincing evidence” that nutritional depletion is a significant factor in adverse long-term health effects, according to a joint study by DSM and Groningen University.

The study, which mapped the reasons why some populations age healthier than others, highlighted how the nutrient profile of individuals is connected to biological characteristics associated with hypertension or obesity, as well as socio-economic data.

Tool for scientists

The evidence collated is designed to serve as a tool for scientists and health authorities to help them develop public health recommendations. It will also support advice on the benefits of healthy living and eating a balanced diet.

The study suggested incorporating nutritional assessment and intervention as part of standard medical practice. Information on nutrient status throughout the course of a life may become “indispensable information for effective action”​, it found.

Nutritional requirements

Furthermore, nutritional requirements should not only be identified from a body weight and energy balance perspective – the impact of body composition abnormalities and nutrient insufficiencies on clinical outcomes should also be considered, the report claimed.

Professor Manfred Eggersdorfer, senior vice president for nutrition science and advocacy at Groningen University, said: “Scientists have been focusing on single nutrient intake ... linking nutrition to general health outcomes offers a broader perspective.”

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1 comment

Nutrient Deficiencies in Older Adults

Posted by Dr Max Gowland PhD (Founder Prime Fifty),

Agree 100%.
The data from various Diet & Nutrition studies across the world, show quite clearly that the majority of us over 50s are not getting anywhere near the RDA on many, minerals and vitamins too. In addition to this, the ageing gut loses its ability to effectively absorb nutrients so if you are low in nutrient status, its a double whammy.
Low B12, low calcium, low Vit D, low omega 3 etc the list goes on , all contribute to the potential of developing chronic ailments and diseases earlier than if one had a reasonable nutrient intake.
One issue that I raise however, is the persistent nonsense in the nutritional press where it is alleged that no-one needs to supplement, as they will get all the nutrients they need from their diet alone. Sorry, but simply not true based on evidence based science.

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