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It's been a weird year for food news

Weirdest food and drink news stories of 2015

By Laurence Gibbons

Bacon-scented underwear, a £1M packet of crisps and a computer that uses Irn Bru to cool down all feature in our list of the weirdest food and drink news stories of the year.

Food firms backs packaging petition

Film prevents mineral oil migration

An online petition launched late last year in Europe by lobby group FoodWatch, which called for action to be taken against the use of mineral oils in food, has been welcomed by Clondalkin Flexible Packaging.

Munson launches miniature rotary batch mixer

Munson launches miniature rotary batch mixer

A miniature rotary batch mixer, which blends up to 28 litres of dry bulk ingredients, with or without liquid additions, in ratios down to one part per million in two to three minutes, is now available from Munson.

Bakery firms offered cost saving kit

Polin’s practical planetary mixers

Italian manufacturer Polin has developed a range of planetary mixers for industrial bakeries that is said to offer a practical and cost effective solution for high-volume applications.

Dough mixers get more hygienic

Easier cleaning on dough mixers

The Baker Perkins range of Tweedy bread dough mixing systems has been extensively re-engineered to ensure more hygienic operation, easier maintenance and lower noise levels.

Bakery firm invests after retail changes

Matthiesons’ fresh desserts get X-ray inspection

Changing retailer codes of practice together with business growth have led Mathiesons bakery to install a new X-ray inspection system for contaminant detection of its chilled and ambient cakes and desserts.

Schmidt: 'There are lot of carbohydrates out there that do not label as sugar'

Food producers 'cheating' over non-sugar pledges

By Alice Foster

A number of industry players are “cheating” consumers by making ‘no sugar’ claims, despite using carbohydrates that are even more glycaemic than sugar, according to a Beneo representative.

Wright is not afraid to be combative when defending the food and drink industry

the big interview

The Wright approach

By Rick Pendrous

The FDF’s Ian Wright is building a media reputationas a ‘political bruiser’. Rick Pendrous went ringside.

Zouq has turned Lancashire Farm Dairies into a £25M business

Me and my factory

Why it pays to follow the herd

Azhar Zouq, who knows a thing or two about yogurt, having grown Lancashire Farm Dairies into a £25M business, talks to Noli Dinkovski