‘Junk food’ can help you get your five-a-day

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Pizza could actually be good for you
Pizza could actually be good for you

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Consumers should look to ‘junk food’ to help provide their five portions of fruit and vegetables as recommended by the National Health Service (NHS), according to health website Desirablebody.co.uk.

Burger, pizza, kebab, curry, ready meals, fish and chips, toasties and milkshakes and smoothies could all provide valuable nutrients the firm claimed.

A Desirablebody.co.uk spokeswomen told this website she hoped food and drink manufacturers could use the information to make fast food healthier.

Nutritional benefits

“We wanted to find out if ‘junk’ or fast food actually had any nutritional benefits, and we found out that some foods aren’t quite as bad as you think.

“Of course we're not advocating to eat this food over your regular five a day – but we hope it encourages food manufacturers to consider more creative ways of making fast food better for you.”

To find out where key nutrients are ‘hiding’ in food traditionally consumed on the go and what benefits they can bring, view the infographic below.

Junk Food Five a Day - An infographic by the team at DesirableBody.co.uk

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1 comment

still junk food

Posted by Alfonso,

It's interesting taking into account that fast food is not empty calories, so it is still healthier (or let's say less harmful) than sugar, sweets, alcohol...

However, with the way that they are usually prepared, I am not as positive as the article.

For instance, pizza (besides it needs to be ordered with vegetables) would not come with 80 gr (that is too much volume in vegetables), and, if it does, you would need to eat the whole thing...presuming that if it comes with the 80gr it is a large pizza (at least 1500 kcal..). Same with kebab and burguers...

Anyway, using wholegrain breads (with the feeling they would not be so popular among the public that use to eat junk food), not red meat in burguers nor sauces and way more vegetables coming along, junk food could be a better choice!

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