Hygienic transfer of bulk foods

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Hygienic food conveyor

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A new sanitary belt conveyor for transporting bulk foods on processing and packaging distribution lines has been introduced by Key Technology.

The conveyor features a positive drive urethane (PDU) belt, stainless steel frame and components, open construction, and other sanitary features, which is said to make cleaning easier. This helps to reduce labour use, speed changeover and increase uptime while improving equipment hygiene, claims the company.

It comes in ‘dog leg’, flat, and inclined configurations that can be mounted to the floor, on casters, or suspended. Belts can be designed with a flat surface or a variety of shaped flights and/or flexible side walls to contain products in pockets while elevating.

Resists bacteria

The belting is thermoformed, providing a homogenous and seamless belt. Compared with fabric belts that can fray, delaminate, and promote bacteria build-up and plastic interlocking belts with crevices that can harbour bacteria, the smooth PDU belt resists bacterial attachment and has no crevices to harbour bacteria.

The conveyor accommodates throughputs from less than 900kg/h to 27t/h. It is said to be suitable for a wide range of snacks, such as potato chips and nuts, as well as vegetables and meat.

Contact: Key Technology

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