All news articles for March 03, 2014

Cryongenics to be on show at Foodex

Cryogenics mean less product dehydration

The latest developments in cryogenic freezing technology will be shown by BOC, which is part of the Linde Group, at this year’s Foodex. The company will be displaying scale models of two new freezers recently launched on to the market.

Confectionery firm develops tooth-friendly gum

Sugar-beet carb used for tooth-friendly gum

Functional ingredients maker Beneo has used its sugar-beet derived carbohydrate Palatinose to develop 'the first' polyol-free, tooth-friendly bubble gum children's confectionery.

Natural fibres blended with Stevia may help public health

Swedish research natural fibres to replace chemical sweetener

By team

Sweetener specialist Bayn Europe and ingredients firm Barentz are researching the use of stevia dietary fibre blends to replace chemical sweeteners in the Baltic region. The project is supported by the Swedish government for its effects on the environment...

The fibre is extracted from the bambo shoots not the cane

Fibre’s free-from promise

Clean-label specialist Ulrick & Short is developing a versatile fibre extracted from bamboo shoots that has potential for the gluten-free market.

Its sensory spectrum is huge

Three ways to create Indian mango flavour

Sensient Flavors has analysed the sensory attributes of three varieties of Indian mango – alphonso, kesar and badami – to produce a range of natural mango flavourings for drinks. The base for these flavours is Sensient’s natural extracts, which are derived...

Breast milk has high concentrations of osteopontin for immunity

The quest for breast milk

Feeding babies with infant formula enriched with Arla Foods Ingredients’ Lacprodan OPN-10 supports their immune development, according to the results of a new trial.

Rick Pendrous, editor, Food Manufacture

Has 2 Sisters bitten off more than it can chew?

By Rick Pendrous

Ranjit Boparan’s 2 Sisters Food Group (2SFG) was voted one of the most admired food firms at the start of the year in a report from corporate reputation experts at Birmingham City University.

Judy Buttriss, director general, British Nutrition Foundation

Insects as animal feed

By Judy Buttriss

Should serious consideration be given to insects as a protein source – if not for us directly, as animal feed? Would you eat chicken, pigs or fish reared on fly larvae?

Intake of vitamin E in the developed world is low

Vitamin E deficiency alert

By Laurence Gibbons

More than three-quarters of the population in developed countries do not meet their recommended daily intake of vitamin E, potentially putting their health at great risk, a new study has shown.

Clare Cheney, director general, Provision Trade Federation

Unbalanced diets are the cause of obesity

By Clare Cheney

In response to the recent focus on sugar in the diet and whether it is linked to obesity, Dr Susan Jebb, chair of the Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD) Food Network, said “in the PHRD we have made clear that it’s the total calories that matter...

Franks: frozen sector must innovate

'Enough already about horsemeat scandal'

By Nicholas Robinson

Frozen food manufacturers must stop dwelling on the horsemeat scandal and focus on revitalising the sector, Dr Oetker UK md Peter Franks has advised.

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