All news articles for November 15, 2013

Premier Foods have featured in the news constantly this year as it trys to solve its debt problems

Premier Foods’ year in pictures

By Laurence Gibbons

Premier Foods was the subject of media reports surrounding the sale of £100M of its debt and its Hovis brand – as well as seeing a number of its directors quit the company – over the last 12 months.



By Rod Addy

In a story published on 13th November concerning a meeting of the creditors of Rivermill Ltd’s subsidiary Rivermill Foods Ltd, a bakery business in Hexham, Northumberland we incorrectly referred to a quite separate brand-licensing business carried on...

Kendrick: 'Industry must help young people'

Nestlé offers young people 1,900 roles

By Rod Addy

Nestlé aims to offer 1,900 job opportunities in the UK and Ireland over the next three years, including 300 paid work experience placements, it announced today (November 15).

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