Clean-label flour with shelf-life

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New clean-label flour offers multiple benefits
Kampffmeyer Food Innovation says its new clean-label functional flour provides baked goods with high-volume, extended freshness and a soft texture.

The product can be used in a variety of applications, including fine baked goods, puff pastries, white breads and pizzas.

It can replace additives such as emulsifiers, thickeners and technical enzymes and helps to reduce the use of cost-intensive raw materials such as oil and butter.

When producing laminated doughs with Purafarin HydroSoft, rest times are said to become redundant, leading to savings in time and cost.

'Longer-lasting freshness'

Purafarin HydroSoft can be used in the same way as conventional wheat flour and can be labelled as 'wheat flour', according to Kampffmeyer. It reduces starch retrogradation after baking and thus provides baked goods with improved and longer-lasting freshness. The required dosage varies between two and 10% – depending on the application and recipe.

The functional flour is suitable for many applications, ranging from fine baked goods to pizza.

Test recipes for fine baked goods such as muffins and cookies show that it is possible to use up to 30% less fat by adding the functional flour, according to the manufacturer.

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