All news articles for October 2012

The spotlight will be shone on healthy ageing

One-stop ingredients shop

By Gary Scattergood

As Frankfurt prepares to host Health Ingredients Europe, Gary Scattergood rounds up some of the show's highlights

Some acrylamide-preventing yeasts have yet to be released

Invisible helpers

By Lynda Searby

They rarely appear on labels, but enzymes can produce very visible results for product developers. Lynda Searby reports

Protein supplementation is exploding into the mainstream

Mainstream muscle

By Michelle Knott

Protein supplementation is no longer the preserve of the bodybuilding beefcakes, reports Michelle Knott

Edward says consumers won't support E-numbers

Global clean-up

By Gary Scattergood

The clean-label road isn't an easy one for manufacturers to take, but Ingredion's Aaron Edwards says it will reap financial rewards, reports Gary Scattergood

Peptones are used for growing bacteria and fungi in nutrition

From fish waste to yeast

By Lorraine Mullaney

A Norwegian government initiative is investigating the commercial viability of extracting peptones from marine by-products and developing them for use in the production of high-value nutrition products.

Phytoestrogens from soy improve bone and menopausal health

Estrogenic profile research uncovers health potential

By Gary Scattergood

Key differences in the molecular structures of phytoestrogens - a group of chemicals found in plants that can act like the hormone estrogen - determine which health benefits they provide, a review has uncovered.

The ruling could lead to a raft of resubmissions for rejected bids

Court's first health claims verdict

By Gary Scattergood

The first EU Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling on the nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) is likely to see more labelling statements fall under the scope of the rules, warned a legal expert.

Gary Scattergood

EFSA tastes success with flavourings list

By Gary Scattergood

No news is good news. Unless you're a journalist. That was the conclusion of a conversation I had with a leading lawyer when discussing the European Union's (EU) list of 2,500 approved flavourings for the food and drink industry.

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