All news articles for July 02, 2012

Low melt cheese can take the heat

Low melt cheese can take the heat

Dairy ingredients manufacturer Meadow Cheese has launched a low melt processed cheese which is designed for use inside savoury pastries and flans as well as products that contain dough or crumb as an ingredient.

New service for food innovators

New service for food innovators

A food innovation consultancy has launched two new services to help national food retailers, quick service restaurants and manufacturers "future proof their food innovation".

What does the future hold for novel foods?

Back to the future

By Lorraine Mullaney

Sometimes we have to go back to move forward. This is particularly true for novel ingredients and health claims, says Lorraine Mullaney.

Pendrous: Are today's graduates value for money?

Should our kids take the apprentice route?

By Rick Pendrous

Are graduates value for money these days? No doubt, many of us with a degree would answer: 'Yes!' But for many food and drink employers that is not the case. It seems quite a number have had less than positive experiences of recruiting young...

No claims for wholegrain and vascular function have yet been approved

Get the heart of wholegrain health claims

By Lorraine Mullaney

The findings of a Leatherhead Research study could enable food manufacturers to gather supporting evidence for health claims on how cereal fibre can benefit vascular function.

Life remains tough for food and drink manufacturers

Turning the screw

By Rick Pendrous

Retailers, legislators and costs continue to pressurise food and drink firms, reports Rick Pendrous.

Baldry: 'As far as Coke is concerned, we have one of the highest levels of zero calorie products across Europe.'

Green game

By Rick Pendrous

Coca-Cola Enterprises' md Simon Baldry shares his game plan for sustainability with Rick Pendrous.

Jenkins says supplying the Olympic Games will be

Contract fillers

By Rick Pendrous

With contracts to meet for Olympic Games suppliers, Food Partners' sandwich business has never been busier, Wes Jenkins tells Rick Pendrous

Clare Cheney

Forget the pasty tax: zero rate all takeaways

By Clare Cheney

Widespread press reporting about the so-called 'Pasty tax' after the March budget erroneously gave the impression that the announcement was introducing something new. Not so!

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