All news articles for July 02, 2012

Hydrocolloids are increasingly derived from natural souces

Top gum: pectin flies high

By Lynda Searby

Consumers' demand for food from natural sources is shaking up the gels, thickeners and emulsifiers market. Lynda Searby reports.

Antioxidant phytochemicals have a lot to offfer

Special delivery

By Michelle Knott

Optimising the delivery of antioxidant phytochemicals is the way to keep tomorrow's consumers happy and healthy, reports Michelle Knott.

Some Member States want a soft landing for sports foods

Spin the bottle

By Paul Gander

Debate about the future EU regulation of sports nutrition is intensifying. Paul Gander asks what impact different outcomes might have on innovation.

Videau's watchword has been expansion in Europe

Starch in step

By Rod Addy

Didier Videau shares his plans for expansion, including growing sales of his firm's starch products across the globe. Rod Addy reports.

Top of the frozen food tree

Top of the frozen food tree

By Rick Pendrous

Hard discounter Aldi took the top prize for Retail Product of the Year, while McCain Foods won Catering Product of the Year at this year's British Frozen Food Federation's (BFFF's) Gala Dinner held in London last month.

Sports foods may become subject to claims regulation

EFSA review of sports nutrition law is 'likely'

By Paul Gander

A second reading of the European Parliament's (EP's) report on replacing the regulatory framework for foods for particular nutritional uses (PARNUTS) is now unlikely before early 2013, but deliberations on regulating some categories could continue...

Barry Callebaut developed a skimmed milk powder low in lactose

Lactose-free chocolate

Zurich-based chocolate firm Barry Callebaut has launched a lactose-free milk chocolate. The new product is made with a skimmed milk powder with "the lowest lactose content available on the market". This enables the firm to put higher amounts...

Let the next claims battle commence

Let the next claims battle commence

By Rick Pendrous

News last month that DSM Nutritional Products (DSM) and Kemin planned to contest the European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA's) rejection of their submitted claims for lutein and eye health, is but the latest twist in the tortuous saga of the...

Packaging's primary role is to protect food

Hot on the case

By David Burrows

Packaging is a hot topic for consumers and hence manufacturers, reports David Burrows.